Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Banquette for Me, Yessireee!

I love banquettes! I'm a cozy sort of person so I just love the thought of having breakfast on a cushioned bench with a pillow at my back. I really like how our kitchen chairs look, they are modern with simple lines from CB2 but the problem is they are open and let the breeze in on my back, not to mention they're hard on the butt. Who wants to sit on a hard, cold chair? Not me.

Pretty L-shaped banquette from bhg

So any-hoo, I've been trying to work out how to fit a cozy banquette into my tiny cozy kitchen. One minor problem is that I lack a corner so I'll have to create one with built-ins. I'm thinking that one side of the L will have a bookcase on the back for all of our cookbooks.

The vintage table is a nice touch. from bhg
Since my kitchen is short on storage I'm thinking drawers or baskets under the bench will be a good idea.

Notice the baskets? Think of how many napkins/place mats
you could fit in those! from bhg

... but I like drawers even better than baskets. from bhg
I'll be drawing up some plans for the space and then I'll be building them myself. This could be interesting but hey, I'm an optimist. it'll be great!

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