Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello Cupcake!

Nothing marks an occasion or makes an occasion like a cupcake. I'll admit, I'm a cupcake fanatic. I like to make up occasions to make them. I bought these just the other day to make cupcakes for the end of school.

All of that adorable yumminess comes from my new favorite Etsy store Cupcake Social. Check out the pretty paper straws, so retro. I'm thinking vanilla milkshakes to go with the straws (that's right, I'm planning the menu around the accessories). Have a look at the cupcakes that can be made with these items.

Yummy huh?

So here are some lovely items that I purchased from Cupcake Social for Lucie's Paris-themed birthday party (Oooh la, la) scheduled in August, The purple sprinkles are from Sweet Estelle's.

The purple straws are downright pretty in person. I'm definitely thinking chocolate shakes for the party.

How about these for the 4th of July? Cupcakes with these would make a festive end to an Independence Day BBQ. How fun are those straws?

The cupcake wrappers and straws are from Sweet Estelle's,
the sugar stars are from  Baker's Bling and  the  sprinkles are from J Louise Design.
I'm kind of a lazy baker (honesty, refreshing? maybe?) so I love pretty wrappers, sugar toppers, and colorful sprinkles, they make creating fancy cupcakes simple. Here are some cute sugar toppers.

I want to get the gnomes to make cupcakes for my sister and I can see the ocean creatures on cupcakes for sea-side picnic. These can be had from Baker's Bling.

Lovely wrappers, from Cupcake Social.

Finally, what's up with the paper straws that are popping up all of the blogosphere? I love them, I may start collecting them. Here are some more from Sweet Estelle's and Cupcake Social.

Now I want a cupcake. 

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