Sunday, October 30, 2011

Variations on a Theme - HEARTS

Hey everyone, welcome to the first installment of "Variations on a Theme" which is my new monthly column. Variations on a Theme simply about a bunch of different ways to look at a shape, object, icon, etc.. This month is all about hearts.

Here is my mini collection of hearts.

I love these things! My sister, T, is largely responsible for this collection. One is iron, some are glass, wood, gemstones, rock & metal. I can't tell you my criteria for choosing what hearts get added, I just know them when I see them. So does T (fortunately for me)!

Above: These are a bunch of  hearts, that meet the undefined criteria, which I'd like to add to my collection. From top left: Rainbow Hearts from KraKra Craft, Slate Hearts from BHLDN, Zinc Hearts from Sundance, Pewter Hearts also from Sundance, Rock Hearts from Aid to Artisans, Micro Wood Hearts from E.J. Freeborn & Son, and Olive Wood Hearts from Nova Natural.

Art from the heart. From top left: Porcelain Hearts from Art Mind, "A Little Bottle of LOVE" from dekanimal, Tiny Heart Painting from Divisor Successor, Pride & Prejudice from Veronika, "Tree of Hearts" from molMolly.

Heart-shaped food, what could be better? Clockwise form top left: Chocolate cookies from Martha Stewart, Rose Water Marshmallows from Decorada, Realistic Heart Jell-o Mold (this one's for Isaac) from Perpetual Kid, Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows from Martha, Linzer Cookies from Babble.

Useful & beautiful hearts. Clockwise from top: Beautiful Bleeding Hearts for your garden from White Flower Farm, Heart-shaped Soap from Sabon NYC, Olive Wood Cutting Board on Amazon, Casserole from Le Creuset from Chef's Resource, Lavender Heart Sachets from She is Sew Crazy Too, Heart Copper Cookie Cutters on Amazon

Heart-shaped crafts for you to try: From top left: Hearts from Prints Charming as blogged by Ohdeedoh, Norah Gaughan's simple knitted heart pattern (I know, I've made some) available at Berroco. Super-cute felt hearts on Purl Bee, Heart-Felt Bag from Martha, Heart Pot Holders from Purl Bee, Polymer Heart Gift Tag from Poppytalk.

As I was putting this page together, my husband pointed out that every Valentine's Day my hometown of Montpelier, VT is phestooned (hee hee) with hearts by the Montpelier Valentine's Day Phantom. The Phantom's identity is a closely guarded secret... actually, I'm not sure that anyone really tries to discover the Phantom's identity, he/she can remain anonymous, it's OK. It's just awesome to know that every February 14th Montpelier will wake up to hearts all over the city. Even the Valentine's Day Blizzard of 2007 wasn't able to stop the Phantom! He/she is like the postman in that way. So, here are some photos from Mount-Peculiar on Valentine's Day from the Phacebook Phantom Phan Page :-)

Well, there you go! Hearts in lots of forms. Look for Variations on a Theme next month, let me know if you like it! Oh, and have a spooky Halloween!



  1. i love 'hearts'. This post makes my heart sing. Thank you so much for sharing xxx

  2. Thank you for your kind words Leah! I'm so glad you like it!

  3. Great theme! Awesome new column and I can tell you're putting all our awesome class info to good work! This post looks amazing!

  4. Love all the Hearts! Its a post full of "love!" ;)

    My mother has collected heart shaped rocks she finds out and about either in nature or a cute shop...they are very special to her. She says they are a lil' gift from God when she finds one!

    Can't wait for your next post!


    Fellow BYW student

  5. This collage is so sweet -I love your choice of images and font!!!


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