Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Wanderlust Shop

When I made my Humble Object post about tape dispensers, T (my sister) sent me a link to The Wanderlust, a shop owned by Danni who also owns the lovely blog Oh, Hello Friend. I followed T's link and was absolutely delighted by what I saw! I have one word to describe The Wanderlust, and that is charming.

The Wanderlust has just seventy-five items for sale, each item looks to be carefully selected and has a story to tell. It almost looks like these items belonged to a woman, who lives in an English cottage, who loves books, traveling, crafting, and the color yellow. Humble yet lovely items, many of which, I am now convinced that I need.

Have a look:

The Box of Curiosities for $27.50 filled with all manner of curious loveliness.

A vintage inspired bottle carrier with six glass milk jars for  $30.00.
I can see this filled with flowers or strawberry milk with pretty paper straws :-)

I've always wanted a wire basket like this one and $24.75 is a great price!
I see flowers, or vegetables, or maybe napkins... 

This yellow glasses necklace for $8.50 is adorable!
I have a yellow sweater I need to knit, this my be the perfect accessory.

I love these yellow rose gift boxes for $6.75 for the set of three.
The box would be a pretty as the present!

I have no idea what I would do with a crystal-handled date stamp for $20.00,
but I love it and I really want it!
So please go over and have a look. If you have someone who likes unique items but everything you see looks like it's from the mall, then this is the shop for you! It's also the shop for me (hint, hint Hun) ;-p

See you tomorrow!


  1. i clicked over to the store, and it IS interesting stuff! your sister knew it. the yellow/burlap-color theme is retro, and the items are unique. i saw a tape holder you would like!! now i need to check out the blog. happy tuesday!

  2. ps Heather - Bridgton, ME - email me -

  3. I know what you'd do with it... you'd love it, then you'd get tired of moving it around looking for a home for it and you'd give it to me when you 'purged.' I say go for it. :)

  4. I'm a fantastic sister, you know that? Just wait for my urge to purge to strike and you make out like a bandit.

  5. Awesome shop review! Those are some terrific things you've picked out! I love the bottle carrier and wire basket too. I'm on my way over there to check out more.


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