Monday, January 9, 2012

I Hope You Get Some Use Out of Those.

Me to Hun - "Do you like the flowers?"
Hun to Me - "Pretty. Seven dollars huh? I hope you get some use out of those."
Me (annoyed) to Hun - "YES, I'm going to get some use out of those!"
Me to Me - "Gee, I guess I'd better take some more photos."

So here are some more photos of the flowers...

Well, flowers, books, and cocoa pot.

Alright, that's enough of that. I'll see you tomorrow with the first ten on ten post. 
There will be no tulips. 
There will be no books. 
There will be no cocoa pot.
I'm done now.
No really.


  1. If the flowers make you happy you make good use of them! :-)

    Very pretty combination, the cocoa pot is fab. You let your new camera get to good use too!

  2. you got some really GOOD use from the flowers. they are beautiful and your photos remind us that spring will come. can't wait for 10 on 10. ???


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