Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another pattern & 2,000 Pics

I'm zooming in to say a quick "hello" before getting sucked back into my classes again. I am LOVING these classes! Here is another pattern I made that is inspired by traditional Mendhi designs. I love Mendhi, Lucie got a Mendhi kit for Christmas last year and I gave it a try... as it turns out, I'm not very good at the practical application. It's truly an amazing art form! I can do Mendhi in Illustrator though, I have lots of opportunities to fix my mistakes (which is a good thing).

So, here's my pattern: (It looks better as an Illustrator file)

On another note, not even two months after I got my camera, I took my 2,000th picture. I wrote "take 2,000 pictures" on my 40 x 40 and now I can cross it off! That wasn't much of a challenge. I have to take a lot of pictures in order to take a good one. It's a good thing I don't shoot with film or this would get very expensive.

Until tomorrow!


  1. Totally love! The class sounds fun. : )

  2. congratulations on your 2000th picture! mission accomplished, and we are only 6 weeks into the year. also y our pattern is beautiful. keep up the learning and do tell us all about it!

  3. What a loveley pattern, have you made it.

    I also love to take photos and it have beeen a lot of them the last years. And I really love it :-)

    You have a nice blog.

    // Lissen

  4. I lovelovelove mendhi! I feel so stupid that I didn't have it done at our wedding (Neel's half Indian), but oh well...there will be other times, I'm sure! Gorgeous pattern. You're so accomplished!

  5. You are so on fire! Yay Heather!
    The 2000 photos are crossed of and the list grows smaller....
    The mendhi designs are beautiful! I've had henna tatoos done before and they are lovely.


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