Thursday, February 2, 2012

Heather B design

So, I've been a graphic designer off and on for about twelve years. I have taken some time off to pursue other stuff but now I'm hoping to re-open my graphic design business in March. I've been working on my business identity for a little while. Here's my logo, I've got that much done:

I decided to make it feminine. In the past I've been concerned about being too girly
but since I work mainly with women, I'm going to be me ;-)

I'm in the process of creating ten somewhat customize-able blog designs. Actually, it's more like the elements someone would need to create a pretty blog. A header, icons, sidebar titles, background, blog button, etc... Pretty components at a reasonable price, just toss them up on the blog and voila!

I'm also starting to take some clients for custom work. It's been a while so I need to rebuild my portfolio, (it's full of designs that are very 2006, not cool) so I'm looking to take a few people at a reduced rate to get some current designs. 

The custom work will be anything design-y: blog components, print, maybe some packaging, and Etsy. As a matter of fact my friend Morgen let me make her a banner for her Etsy store. I'm hoping that I can do some more stuff for Morgen. Here is the banner that I made for her store.

This could be Morgen's logo for her business card:

I also have to redesign Home Again Jog. It's not how I want it to look. I did this design in about two hours and it kind of shows... I don't want someone stopping by and thinking that this is a representative sample of the work I'd do for a client. 

Also, in two weeks, I'll be taking classes on how to make patterns and icons in Illustrator. I'm really looking forward to being able to create these myself as opposed to buying them from one of the online image places. Making patterns is something that I've wanted to learn for a very long time so I was pretty happy when I found a class devoted specifically to that topic!

So, that is one of the big projects that I'm working on. I'm going to try to get my site with the ten pre-made designs up by March 19th with the portfolio site coming in June. It's a pretty big project because not only do I have to make all of the designs but then I have to design and build an e-commerce site to present them. I don't enjoy building websites but I really dislike e-commerce sites, they are kind of a picky pain.

I am looking forward to all of the design pieces though. I love to design stuff! I can't wait to show you the new site. It's been a while since I've put myself out there and I'm excited about getting started again!

Until tomorrow,


  1. Thrilled to be part of it!! : D

  2. OMG you linked to my storefront! OMG! And I love my banner. I think you're awesome. You asked me questions and after you got my answers somehow you were able to put together exactly what I wanted without me knowing what I wanted. AMAZING!

  3. Morgen, I can't tell you how thrilled I am that you like it! I'm glad I managed to get in your head ;-)

    Janel, I'm looking forward to it!

  4. congratulations! it sounds like you are taking a big, positive professional step. i love the designs, and don't you love learning? enjoy your class!

  5. Thank you Noreen! I am looking forward to learning!

  6. Oh hooray! This is SO exciting! I can just feel your anticipation excitement for your endeavors. I so, so envy people who can do stuff like this. Really. Not at all my ballywick, but that's okay. I think going girly is a fine, fine thing, and I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!

  7. Thank you Lauren! I'm so looking forward to doing this! Not to mention, I envy your ability to take pictures!

  8. I love the logo -wishing you every success with the new business. New challenges are so exciting.

  9. i am so happy things are chugging along in the right direction! i can feel your enthusiasm. morgen's header looks amazing! love it!
    oh i would love to make patterns and icons in Illustrator! what course are you taking?
    hope your photography course is going well x

  10. Thank you Leah! I'm happy that my vitamin d and happy light are working. I've finished my Photo 101 class and my Illustrator classes are from the same place, Nicole's Classes. I really can't wait to take it!


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