Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zooming in to Say "Hi"

Hi Everyone,

I've been sucked into the re-design of this here blog.

Everything is on the back-burner until I get this done. It's not that I want to do this, it just sort of happens when I start projects like this. I go into "crazy designer mode" it's all I can think about until I get it done. Hun is wandering around wondering when things like laundry, dinner, cleaning, and stuff are going to happen. He just came out and asked me what I accomplished today. I showed him my logo and backgrounds, he wasn't impressed...

I'm lining up the the things I need to do to do the things I want to do... Does that make sense? I want to re-open Heather B Design with ten pre-made blog designs, but before I do that I need to get my own blog in order. I mean, who would want to buy a blog design by a someone with a blog that is.... meh, okay but not really "designed" (no, it's not designed because I didn't design it, I'm a designer, I'd know if it was designed.) I also have to relearn how to build a website. I hate building websites... Love designing them, can't stand building them... I think I wrote a version of "design" ten times in this post. DEEE- ZEYE-NAH, it sounds funny if you keep saying it.  Now you're saying it. It's going to be stuck in your head. Muah ha ha, you're soooo welcome.

Anyway, if you've liked Home Again Jog on Facebook you've been seeing the new logo design progression. I hope to launch the re-designed (now I'm doing it on purpose) blog sometime next week. And a zebra just walked out of my newly designed bedroom. "What?" I was seeing if you were paying attention or just waiting for the next d-word.

♫ ♪ Oh Mandy, well you came and you gave without taking but I set you away, Oh Mandy... ♫ ♪

Now I put Barry Manilow in your head (ha ha ha, too easy)


  1. Love it when you sing.

  2. That's only because you aren't here ;-p

  3. i need to "like" your fb page. will look it up. i want to see this design change. sounds very interesting!

  4. I recognice that in myself, the obsession, not thinking of anything else... It can be a bit hard to handle all the things that didn't get done afterwards :-)

    I have to go find you on facebook now, to check out your logo in progress!

    Have a great design weekend!

  5. i wish i had half your talent and savvy. excited to see your redesign!


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