Friday, April 27, 2012

Variations on a Theme - Rainbows

Hey Everyone!

I've been going rainbow crazy on Pinterest. I can't help it! Every time I think about decorating my home with a sophisticated palette I run into pictures like these and I start to change my mind. The problem is that it's extraordinarily difficult to decorate with the whole color-wheel without it crossing the line into clownish. I don't want a clownish house but it's so tempting to give it a try anyway! These wonderful pictures inspire me... or maybe conspire with me to do a rainbow take-over of my entire house. Believe me, I'm thinking about it.

Clockwise from top left: Candy Heart Photo - source unknown, but if you do know, tell me! Striped pillows - source unknown (boo), I REALLY REALLY wish I know where they came from. Paper Thinks journals from Kate's Paperie. And Olive Oil from Dean and DeLuca. I would get the olive oil just for that jar and I want all of those journals just so I could line them all up on my bookcases. So pretty!

Clockwise from top left: A super-cute way to organize embroidery floss from Heather J's Life. Stairs from La Belette Rose, these really make me wish I had non-basement stairs.  Cute tights - source unknown. A sweet doormat project from Lowes Creative Ideas. Rings in a rainbow of boxes - source unknown... Is it weird that I want those boxes more than the rings? Lovely poster by Conxy Jiménez (I love this). And rainbow twist ice cream - source unknown. There are a lot of photos with unknown sources on Pinterest. If you do know where any of these things are from, do tell!

From top left: A quirky color corner from Happy Mundane. DOTS! from Fieldborg. A know that Anthropologie no longer sells (boo). The new Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs. A pie plate that Anthropologie no longer sells (again, boo) Super-cute button push-pins Present and Correct. A FABULOUS idea for paint chips! I love this!

My board with all of the rainbows is here and it's called Color Wheel. It's getting bigger every day! I guess I'm not the only person who loves the rainbow.

What do you think about decorating with the rainbow? Would you ever do something that bold?


  1. hi heather! i could live easier with the rainbow than with lots of neon. like theresa does with red, shots of bright rainbow colors might add energy and joy to your house. spring coming in maine yet?

  2. Hiya Noreen! I do think shots of color would add joy and energy. Right now it's drywall gray and beige and construction-y. Not overly joyful of energizing... Spring is teasing us in Maine. New England goes winter, winter, winter, mud season, mud season,spri-ummer, summ-tumn, autumn, autumn, winter winter winter.

  3. Thanks a lot for you nice comment on my staircase!

    We are in the process of redoing the whole house, so keep posted for new seriously colored pictures.

  4. It's like you say, the balance is the difficult thing. But I can't deny that colours make me happy :-) Especially love the stairs in diffrent colours.

    Love Maria

  5. Hello! I found you today via the fan appreciation ads at oh hello friend... nice to meet you! :) I look forward to exploring your blog...

    God Bless!
    Jess of The Colorful Ones

  6. i love the poster by Conxy Jiménez too! really love it! i have given you the sunshine award. feel free to pass it on if you'd like too. you can see it on my lil bloggy space xxx


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