Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Humble Object - Dustpans

Not for nothing is this called "The Humble Object," you don't get too much humbler than dustpans. However, the central theme of THO (oh look, another acronym) is since we have to use these things, they may as well be cute. Inject some cute wherever you can, that's what I think anyway.

SO without further adieu, I give you dustpans... (this post is registering as slightly ridiculous with me so it's making me laugh.)

On top we have the Union Jack hand broom and dustpan from Alice Supply Company, center, brush and dustpan from Brook Farm General Store, bottom left, Keith Haring dustpan and broom from Casabella, and a handmade set, which includes the full-sized broom, from Viva Terra.

On the top we have another color from Alice Supply Company. Center, the Dustin the Squirrel set from Koziol, and two cute sets from Gloveables on

Here are four vintage options from top left: By Kristianne, Jennifer Hewett, Reclaimability, and Vintage by Dear Macy. I remember ones like these from when I was little.

My favorites, well, I own Dustin, he's looking old and abused (poor Dustin), and I used to have that the rainbow striped set, but I'm not sure what happened to it. I think I like the plain white one and the wooden brush from Brook Farm General Store. I must be mellowing in my old age.

What are your favorites? Do you care if your dustpan is cute? (I had to ask). I'm using poor Dustin to clean up my basement for Friday, which, as I may have mentioned, is D-day, which is only two days away, which is AWESOME.

I will see you tomorrow (one day until D-day, ha ha),


  1. heather - i think of our classroom dustpan at school - blue and dirty from bunny bedding and various other accidents. but useful! joy to you!

  2. I need (or at least, it would be handy)a little brush and dustpan to brush off crumbs from the table cloth, and I would like to have a set like the one from Brook Farm General Store (lots of great lookin things in that shop, quite expensive but probably good quality).

    The ones you use on the floor often get icky. I trew mine out, so I need a new one for the floor as well. But for standing up :-)

    Hope all is going well with the dumbster and the clear out!

    Love Maria


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