Monday, June 25, 2012

Current Color Crush

I thought I'd drop in and show you what I'm currently thinking of for colors in the main living spaces in my house.
Photo from Bed of Flowers B & B

Right now I'm loving clear, bright colors from all the way around the color wheel. I've always had a hard time choosing a favorite color but several years ago I decided that favorites where limiting and therefore useless. Why would you want to pick a favorite song or color or ice cream? Seems silly when there are so many good options out there.
Photo from House of Turquoise

I love rooms and homes where the owner blends the entire rainbow successfully. It's true that it's easy to end up with a space that feels clownish when you're using the spectrum. If you look at these rooms, you'll notice that the colors aren't the exact primary/secondary colors on the wheel. They're not using blue, their using turquoise; they're not using green, they're using lime. This slight shift makes the palette more sophisticated and less like a box of crayons.

Photo Bed of Flowers B & B
I LOVE this green. I'm thinking of using it on my kitchen walls, and this blue might grace my living room walls.

 One of the places that is extremely successful in the sophisticated use of bright colors is Bed of Flowers Bed and Breakfast in the Netherlands, three of whose images I've borrowed for this post. I just love everything about this house. If ever there existed a "Heather House" this is it. I could move right in.

Photo from Bed of Flowers. I need to know where they found the bright green velvet on that chair.

Would you like to live in a colorful home? Do you have a fear of bright colors? I know some people do. They're not always easy to get right but if you're successful the result is truly beautiful!

On another note I have big news: This weekend I FINALLY got my kitchen floor down! WOOT!!! Well, almost, I have a few final pieces to put down and then I have to clean things up and then I can show you some before and after pictures. However, I'm slacking off a little today. While installing the floor Roger and I discovered that we are old so I'm pretty achy at the moment. Apparently I have heretofore undiscovered flooring muscles that are rather angry with me. But pain or no pain I LOVE my new floor and I can't wait to show you!

I shall see you tomorrow,


  1. Gorgeous color palette, Heather. I would imagine that your cold NE winters would benefit from an infusion of color like that. I especially like the first picture. And those chairs in the dining room? Totally might steal that idea! I don't have a favorite color either. I lean towards greens, but can't pick a fave. Drives my kid cra-zy.

  2. i love these bright colours. so happy and vibrant. I love the dining area, fresh flowers and those amazing chairs, yum!!

  3. I like colours but I think it takes a LOT of work to get it all right. Black and white and naturals with colour accents is easier. But the right mix would make me happy I think. And you are right about the colours, a room of primary colours = no thank you.

    I think the colour of the turqouise table in the first pic looks like the same colour you used in Lu's room. Keep on planning for colours in your home! :-) You are moving forward, indeed!

    Love Maria


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