Monday, June 11, 2012

Lucie's Room Week - Monday

Hello Everyone!

This Friday is an important day because it marks the halfway mark on my 40 x 40 list. Yessir, I am thirty-nine and one half years old on Friday. I was reviewing the list and realizing that I need to get my butt in gear or I'm not going to finish large portions of that list.

One of the things that has been nagging at me, that I have been doing an excellent job at procrastinating about (after all, I am a skilled procrastinator,) is #13 "Finish & Photograph Lucie's Room." The reason for this is because the next thing that I have to do to finish her room ranks very high on "Heather's List of Un-Fun Things To Do."

My list on un-fun things isn't a list per-se, it's more of a comparison. If you're a mom, you know how you compare all pain to labor pain? Well, I compare un-fun things with two things: 1. having a tooth filled or 2. having to wait at the DMV. If you were to offer to trade me the thing that I have to do with getting a filling (with Novocaine) and I traded with you, and felt like I got the better deal, then it's an un-fun thing.

What do I have to do in Lu's room that is so un-fun that I would rather have a filling? Woodwork.

Saturday I finished caulking the crown molding in her room. As I said on Facebook, if anyone ever says "just apply a thin bead of caulk" in my presence again, I will shove the caulking gun up their nose and pull the trigger.  Describing caulking woodwork as "apply a thin bead of caulk" is like describing bathing a cat as "put the cat in water, lather, rinse, and repeat" while neglecting to mention that when confronted with water, a cat turns into a bundle of claws and fangs with a little fur on it. I looked like I had a run-in with a tube of angry toothpaste.  It was a mess... I'm not very good at it either.

Now I am in the process of painting the slightly messy, not quite even, badly caulked woodwork. Seriously un-fun. We are very, very grateful for things like curtains, pictures, and dim lighting that will (hopefully) pull focus from the slightly embarrassing woodwork.

Anyhoo, along with the woodwork, I have some sewing to do and some other Lucie-room projects that I'll share. Some of the projects come from Sania Pell's two Homemade Home books so I'll be reviewing those, probably on Thursday. I'm also going to be organizing her shelves and labeling bins and by Friday I should be ready to take those pictures! WOOT!

Finishing Lu's room is also a landmark because it will be the first room in the house that will be completely finished and that will give me a tremendous boost, knowing that one room is DONE. I may need to make cupcakes to celebrate.

I will see you tomorrow with some pics of the progress... yes, some exciting pictures of white woodwork ;-p

Until then!


  1. I, for one, cannot wait to see! A completely finished room?! That must feel wonderful!

  2. Hey girl, I've been trying to leave a comment, but apparently blogger hates me? What I want to know is why it's called a "bead" of caulk when it's clearly not a's a line that I can never get straight or curved or whatever it is I'm supposed to get..?

    1. I switched the format so I can reply directly. I wonder if that's the problem... That would be annoying because I really like being about to reply to you like this! Caulk and I have an adversarial relationship. Bead, stream, or line it's all glop to me ;-)

  3. happy half way to finishig your 40 x 40! look at how much you've already accomplished! lucie's room is almost there, YAY!! hope you get your cupcakes honey. you deserve them!


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