Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Google This

I'm not a huge April Fools fan. It's a holiday that I either tend to miss or mark with a "THERE'S A BUG IN YOUR HAIR!!!! Ha ha, April Fools" kind of prank, which is pretty lame. However, I saw this photo on Pinterest where someone had stuck googlie eyes on every single container in the fridge and I thought it was pretty awesome. Opening the fridge door on April 1st and finding all of the contents staring at you? It's pretty hilarious. So this year I decided to googlie-eye (watch me make a verb there) my kid's rooms:

I had fun. Isaac thought it was hilarious because it reminded him of the Christopher Walken googlie-eyed plant skit from SNL. He's been doing his Christopher Walken impression all afternoon, he's very good at it.

It took a minute or two after they went in their rooms before they noticed. That's mostly because I cleaned first and they were distracted by the fact that they could see their floors. It was the old "Where are all my clothes if not on the floor?" feint to throw them off for a moment.

Any-hoo, I thought I share it because it's a cute, non-mean prank. My friend's son switched the sugar for salt this morning and she put it in her coffee... that's a mean prank, messing with someone's morning coffee, don't do that. He should have put googlie-eyes on the mug instead so he wouldn't face being put on the lawn with a "FREE" sign around his neck.

See you soon!

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  1. Lol..these are adorable...love the Weeping Angels mask!!


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