Friday, June 24, 2011

I'll be Back.

I have recovered now (finally). Now I will be spending the weekend picking up and getting caught up. Sunday I'll be baking for Lu's "Celebrate Summer Party" on Monday. The theme is Rainbows so I will be trying the rainbow cake, *gasp* "Not the rainbow cake!" Yes, the rainbow cake as featured on Whisk Kid.

Whoa Boy
I might need to have my head examined. Actually they did that for real last Wednesday. My head is fine. It's surprising. Anyway, the kids will love it! We'll see how it goes...

I have some upcoming posts that I hope you'll take a look at:
  • I'll be showing you how the party went and more specifically how my baking went, The rainbow cake isn't the only thing I'm attempting to make making.
  • I'm refinishing my great grandmother's dresser so there will be a "During & After" post since I forgot to take a "Before" picture.
  • I'm also going to make my own drawer dividers for my kitchen and if it turns out well, I'll tell you what I did. If it doesn't turn out well I'll share the failure, why? because failure can be amusing.
  • I just got the new cookbook from Miette which I'll be baking from and subsequently reviewing just as soon as my six inch cake pans get here. I'll say this, the book is lovely and its contents sure look delectable. 

There! Now I've posted so I HAVE to follow through. I may do a post on all of my half-finished projects, it will either be extremely motivating or very depressing.

Until Monday!


  1. We've made a rainbow cake like that before. It's actually not all that hard. Enjoy!

    I hope your all better from the poking and puncturing. Happy Weekend! : )

  2. I am just up the street if I can ever be of help! And I am hosting my little boy's 8th birthday party here on Monday... he wants a Bakugan cake! Shoot me now! :-) Morgen


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