Monday, June 20, 2011

Well There's a Week I'll Never Get Back.

Last Wednesday I had a severe, sudden-onset headache accompanied by a nosebleed (first ever). So off to the ER I went to get a CT scan, which came back fine. However, the attending physician said that scan made him 95% sure I was fine but he wanted to be 100% sure that I was fine so he ordered a lumbar puncture.

What I do when I'm 95% sure of something:
  1. If I'm 95% sure it's going to rain, then I bring an umbrella.
  2. If I'm 95% sure it's a girl, then I decorate the nursery pink.
  3. If I'm 95% sure that the brakes are good, then I drive the car.
  4. If I'm 95% sure that I'll win the lottery, then I buy a ticket.
95% is good odds! Not to wax philosophical but how much in life can we be 95% sure of? 

So, you may ask "What do you do when the doctor is 95% sure that the CT scan says you're OK?" well, I get a lumbar puncture.

Here's what I now know about lumbar punctures:
  1. When the doctor says that he'll give you "lots of Lidocaine so you won't feel a thing." start sniffing for smoke because his pants are definitely on fire.
  2. Your body covets spinal fluid and it may become VERY ANGRY when said doctor takes some.
  3. I will have to be threatened with my IMMINENT DEMISE before I will submit to one again. 
Here's why: up to 50% of people get a "Lumbar Headache" afterwards which can vary in severity and length and hurts like H-E- double hockey sticks when you sit or stand. Apparently, I am within that 50% because today is day six of headache-induced bed rest. 

I'm getting better but man oh man am I annoyed.

So, that's where I've been, I had planned on doing a daily blog post M - F but I haven't been able to get the computer into a position where I can type until today and there's NO WAY I can take any pictures or do any projects at the moment.

I will say that I am highly motivated to finish my bedroom since I've been staring at it for six days now.

I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be back with a vengeance. Go me.

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