Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Entropy Accelerated & Herb Planters

Ah, holiday weekends, those days when I can kick back and relax, take a couple of days off... and pay dearly for it on Tuesday.

I have this fear, if I were to leave my house alone, that based on the observed trajectory of household entropy, my house would be a pile of rubble in two weeks. Total disintegration in fourteen days. I can see it in my nightmares.

That's the fancy way of saying that I did nothing over the weekend and now I have to put everything back together over the next few days. I started yesterday and hopefully (hope springs eternal) it will be back in order today by 11:59 PM. That's the goal.

Herb Planters

I love fresh herbs. I love using them in my recipes. I hate paying for the little packages in the grocery store. My solution? (The incredibly obvious one) Plant some herbs of my own. My brother-in-law's parent's gave me these beautiful Fiestaware mixing bowls.

I have lots of mixing bowls, I happen to love the color orange and I didn't want to keep these hidden so I turned them into planters. All you need is potting soil, herb plants and rocks for the bottom for drainage. Don't forget the rocks, I did at first and we had a lot of rain so I wound up with mud instead of soil.

Here they are, on my desperately-needs-to-be-painted-porch, planted with oregano, sweet basil, marjoram and rosemary. I need to add some more (mint & thyme) but this is good for starters. Fresh herb pizza, here I come!

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