Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Paris Party

Success! Granted, I usually set the "successful party" bar low, if no one cried and no one fought then I figure we had a good time. Actually, it was better than that, everyone had fun. The highlight of the party was when T (my sister) brought out her balloons and started making balloon animals. The kids then confiscated the balloons and pump and spent a long time attempting their own balloon animals. I want to thank mom and T for their help, the party would not have happened the way it did without their help!

So, without further adieu, here are the pics:

My Niece, Lu & Friend

The Spread, set up by Lu

Chocolate cakes on hatboxes, fabulous straws & French label

Home made cupcakes on a home made stand.

They had ginger-ale but pretended it was Champagne.

Maisy, she's a good sport.

Shoes made by T. The kids decorated the shoes for a party project.

Shoes plural.

Paris' most famous & also most infamous landmark.

Single cupcake on a homemade stand & cookies by Mikaela and Michelle (thank you!)

Google translate rocks! Are you hungry yet?

Lucie, the decade-old birthday girl.

I thought I would put these up before Irene kills our power. I'm going to post a bunch of party printables and project instructions as well as the sources for the supplies this coming week, so long as we have power, so stay tuned.

Right after the last person left Lucie says "Now mom, about the Halloween party..."  

See you soon,


  1. Heather,
    The party pictures were beautiful. Wish we were there. You have a talent for great parties.

  2. Thanks Noreen! I wish you could be here too :-)


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