Friday, August 26, 2011

Paris Party Prep & Printables (which are coming soon)

Hiya! Today is Lucie schmoopsie's Paris Party and I still have TONS of prep to do. I have a saying "there's no minute like the last minute" so in typical me fashion, I've waited until the day of the party to do what I should have done weeks ago. Anyone else like that?

Anyway, if you're clicking over from I Share Printables I want to thank you for stopping by! I also want to let you know that there will be a lot more coming! Basically, if I'm going to make them, for any reason, I'll share them with you! That's a lot of exclamation points... it means I'm enthusiastic about you being here (I can't believe I spelled "enthusiastic" correctly on the first try. Zowie! Maybe there's hope for me after all) I've made this invitation, some envelope liners, a DIY banner, and some labels for food. All of this will be available as a download sometime next week.

I'll change the invite so you can add your info.

Finally, I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to I Share Printables for posting my minutes tracker! That was awesome!

Well, I'm off to work like a crazy person to get this done.

See you Monday,

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