Monday, August 22, 2011

Technology, Thou Art A Cruel Mistress & Planning the Paris Party

My poor laptop is on its last legs and last night my power cord (at least I hope its just my power cord) bit the dust. I've spent the morning trying to get the important files off the laptop before the battery ran out (the battery is ancient too so it has virtually no juice). I was mostly successful, except that I grabbed the wrong font file so I then had to spend another half hour re-downloading my fonts from My Fonts. I also had to install Adobe CS3 on the house computer. Amazon will be delivering another power cord in three to five business days and hopefully I'll be back on my computer again. Planned obsolescence. Irritating.

Our Fairy with the Classification Tooth,

Did well this time. She left two dollars tied with a ribbon to Lu's headboard. The discussion must have motivated her to improve her presentation and response time. Way to go Ms. Tooth!

Ooh La La, Un parti de Paris pour le dixième anniversaire de Lucie 
(Ooh La La, A Paris party for Lucie's tenth birthday)
(Google Translate rocks)

The discussion about Lu's tenth birthday has been taking place since February. What can I say, she likes to plan ahead. So since I knew I wasn't going to get a moment's peace until we decided what we were going to do for the party, I started searching the web for inspiration. That's where I came across Hostess with the Mostess a FABULOUS site FILLED with party themes and inspiration as well as beautiful pictures. Among the themes was a Paris party and when she saw the pictures Lu said "Voila C'est parfait!"

Awesome Huh?

All photos are from Hostess with the Mostess.  
If you have a party to plan go have a look! HwtM has tons of ideas. The person who shared the Paris party plans shared her sources for the favors and such too. This site is a fantastic resource, I just can't say enough about it!

The party is finally here, this Friday to be exact, so I'm in the midst of preparing for it. I'll be sharing the pictures and a couple of projects when I'm done.

Happy Monday,

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