Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Chelsea Morning With Help :-)

So, yesterday I blogged about my first color story attempt. As you know, I am taking a blogging class (see the button on the right?). As a part of the class, I asked a question in the forum about the best camera for low-light photography. I also posted a link to yesterday's post and asked for an honest critique of my color-story.

I'm getting loads of good info from my forum post, but Rebecca Portsmouth actually took the time to Photoshop my pic and give me a detailed critique! Have a look.

The colors look right and you can actually see the detail.
It is also clear that I should have turned that milk bottle to hide the writing.

Isn't that amazing? 

Come to find out, Rebecca is an amazing photographer from London. Have a look at her site here and her blog here. Beautiful right?

Thanks Rebecca for your help and information! I'm really jazzed that you took the time to edit my photo. It looks so much better!


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