Monday, November 7, 2011

Blogging on Painkillers

One of the things that Holly, my teacher on Blogging Your Way has said is that one should never blog while one is intoxicated. There are obvious reasons for this, just as there are obvious reasons why one should probably avoid blogging while on painkillers, yet here I am, doing it anyway.

Yes indeedy doo..... I managed to give myself food poisoning about ten days ago. The food poisoning caused me to become dehydrated which in turn caused my kidney stone to act up. I've been having kidney issues for about two years now. When they started, I didn't have insurance so I was not about to let them put me on the dumb (very expensive) CAT scan to see what was going on. Now I do have insurance so Friday, since I was spending the entire day in the E.R. anyway, I decided to let them have a look. It turns out that I have a really big stone. Hooray! I asked them if they could take it out and give it to me so I could have it turned into a ring but noooooo, they're going to smash it into a gazillion pieces. Pfft, where's the fun in that? Kill-joys.

So, I'm going in to have a stent put in on Wednesday and then I'm going for lithotripsy on December 9th. In the meantime, I am very comfortable on some pain meds. I am also very loopy.

The concern with blogging while drunk is that you'll say something mean about someone that you may regret. I'm rarely mean so my main concern about blogging on painkillers is that I will ramble on at length and not make much sense. As I am proof-reading this post I am discovering that I am, in fact, doing the thing about which I was concerned. I am also discovering that the painkillers are making me decidedly less concerned about it. "Oh well." (I say to myself) "So the posts may be a little confusing. So what if I'm stretching Spell Check to the limit? I have something to say.... I think.... What was I saying?"

I'm just letting you know what's going on so that you won't wonder where I've gone, or why, when I am here, I don't seem to actually BE here. I'm only MOSTLY here and Wesley was only MOSTLY dead. Wes and I have something in common. Rambling, sorry.

Any-hoo, I'll be around. You're welcome to read and have a laugh, it's OK. I'll avoid trying to be profound, I think that would go badly.

I'll see you tomorrow, maybe, or maybe not, we'll see.



  1. Go ahead, just try and be profound. We'd all enjoy it profoundly.

  2. Hi Joy, I was trying to think of something but all I've got is "Don't wear bunny slippers in the shower." and I'm thinking that's disappointing.

  3. How would you suggest cleaning your bunny slippers?

  4. You know I don't make cleaning suggestions. That would be like Larry the Cable Guy giving fashion advice.

  5. "That would be like Larry the Cable Guy giving fashion advice."

    lol LOVE IT!

    Bring on the painkillers! : )

    I hope everything goes well.

  6. Yeah, cleaning & organization advice. If I ever give it, ignore it.

  7. Joy, When you have had pain and been to the er, and are on pain medicine, you are entitled to be long winded and chatter on about anything you want. I'm sorry you have to go through this, but after Dec. 9th, you'll be much better. Right?

    Good luck! Happy to meet you through byw, and sorry it is over.
    Good health and a pain-free day to you,

  8. Thanks Noreen and Leah, I am feeling better but I can't wait until December when it's over :-)

    I appreciate that you read my strange ramblings ;-p

    Noreen, I'm glad to meet you too & I'm sorry it's over!

    BYW 2.0 is in April though!


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