Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kitchen-spiration or Don't Fear Color

A long time ago I wrote a post about the color-scheme for my kitchen, you can look here to see it. Here is the mood board from that post.

Purple, mauve and gray, all colors I love.
Today I have to make an important color decision for the kitchen and I realized that the color scheme of this mood board is a little too limiting. See, I LOVE color. Lots of colors and having only two (I really don't consider gray a "color" ) isn't enough. I need to broaden the color-scheme. One famous decorator, (so famous I can't remember his name), uses over twenty colors in a given room. That sounds wonderful to me. Of course, the downside is that rooms with tons of colors can look clown-ish or childish, neither of which is a good thing for a room frequented by adults.

However, I'm willing to chance it, so I'm broadening the inspiration pool. Have a look:

Hydrangea photo from Bouquet Wedding Flowers.

Hydrangea close-up from Perennial Enhancements.

Le Creuset  French oven photo on Le Creuset. I love these! Now if only I could afford one.

Lovely lilacs from Van in LA.

More beautiful lilacs from National Flowers

My scarf, which I knit from Colinette Point Five yarn. I think the color is Blue Saturn but I'm not sure.
Then, I was flipping trough Decorate, Holly Becker's book, and I came across this beautiful mood board by Leslie Shewring on A Creative Mint and I thought "ooh, beautiful! now that's much closer."

Do you see that pretty pine table-top the book is resting on? That will be important in an upcoming post...

I also want some sky-blue in there. I'll be making my own mood board, after the holiday, with my new camera. I am so excited about my camera! I'm going for a sophisticated, colorful, cottern kitchen.

As an aside, I wanted to tell you not to be afraid of color. Think back to when you were a child. Were you afraid of color then? What would you have said if your parents painted your bedroom beige? You would have been angry right? If you have kids you probably wouldn't paint their rooms taupe, would you? Don't settle for beige, add your favorite colors to your rooms! It will brighten your space and show your style! I think we choose neutrals because we consider them sophisticated and safe. Who needs safe? Not to mention, sophisticated is a little over-rated. I'm not suggesting you go paint your walls tangerine, but get a couple of colorful throw pillows and see if you like the change.

I'll see you tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be sharing a completed kitchen project but I've got to get crackin if I'm going to!



  1. If I remember correctly your rooms growing up were baby blue? Right? And there was that victorian floral period.

  2. In Vermont it was blue and then pink. In NH it was blue and then a pale pink-y purple called "Angel's Wings" it was very pretty.

  3. Can't wait to see your completed project... and your table project!

  4. It's a joy to see your work. The colors are beautiful, and I can't wait to see how they come together.
    Happy Tuesday!


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