Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thirty days of thankfulness in one post. (I'm an all-or-nothing kinda gal).

I am thankful for:

  1. My Heavenly Father who loves me
  2. His Son who died for me
  3. His Spirit who guides me
  4. My husband, who is my best friend, who keeps me grounded, who lets me run with my "big ideas" often against his better judgement, and who loves me quirks and all.
  5. Isaac, for being himself, always, and who will give me a hug and tell me he loves me even when his peers are nearby.
  6. Lucie, for being a sweet and loving girl, who is still snugly and who is growing into a lovely young lady.
  7. My Dad for being my best teacher, who always answers my questions and helps me out of difficult situations, probably too often.
  8. My Mom for always being there for me, for being my biggest encourager & for believing in me & always taking my side against the world.
  9. My Grandma, who is the embodiment of all the good things that a grandma should be, who helps me out selflessly and far too often.
  10. Tif, my sister, friend & strongest ally, who might know me better than anyone but never uses that to her advantage :-), who is always there for me, and who isn't sappy so I'll stop now ;-p
  11. Buck, who always has my best interest in mind and always has Isaac & Lucie's best interests in mind.
  12. Addi, for being very smart and very cute
  13. My in-laws, Roger Sr./Jr. Ann, Pat, & Katie for welcoming me into their family & their home and for all of their help.
  14. Sarah L. for being my second sister, biggest fan ;-) and fellow candy-lover.
  15. Joy, Linda, Shelia, Kit, Susan U. & Cori for being the best friends I could ever dream of
  16. My extended family, especially my many cousins, who are also my friends
  17. My new friends here in Gardiner, Liz, Michelle, & Morgen for welcoming me so quickly
  18. Every single person at BEFC, you are all dear to me
  19. Neal, David, & Greg, my pastors who have all guided me
  20. My Montpelier friends, some of whom have moved, like me: Kelly, Chrissy, Karen, Becky, & Laura, among others. I miss you!
  21. My church friends, old and new, from NH, with whom I can pick up where we left off no matter how much time has gone by.
  22. My school friends, with whom I've reconnected who I wish didn't live so far away.
  23. My new, online friends, Leah, Lauren, Kathryn, & Noreen, for their comments & encouragement
  24. My friends serving the USA in the armed services, thank you for giving yourself so selflessly, may you all come home safely
  25. A planet full of beauty and bounty
  26. The country I live in
  27. The many countries I hope to visit
  28. My creativity
  29. My house, which is slowly becoming a home
  30. The fact that we are healthier, more than not
  31. Roger having a job that he enjoys
  32. Schools that are great which are working well for both of my kids
  33. The fact that my problems center around "too much" rather than "not enough"
  34. My adorable, fuzzy puppy
  35. Christmas, summer, snow, flowers, the oceans, mountains, quaint towns, big cities
  36. My car, heat, washing machines & dryers, refrigerators, stoves, hot water and indoor plumbing
  37. Candy, cake, cupcakes, pie and ice cream (I should probably express my gratitude for these things less often.)
  38. My bed, sleep, naps, hot cocoa, cozy chairs, pretty walks on warm days
  39. Fellow quirky people and anyone who can quote The Princess Bride
  40. The abundance and blessings heaped upon me, which I did nothing to deserve, which I often take for granted, for which I am eternally grateful.
To my American friends - Have a blessed Thanksgiving!
To my friends in the rest of the world - Have a wonderful day!

See you tomorrow,


  1. You're getting sappy in your old age. :)

  2. No kidding, what is happening to me? Next i'm going to start liking Chick-flicks.

  3. Well, Heather, you have thanks-giving down cold. And a joy it is to know you have so many blessings. That honey who loves you despite your quirks is a big one. I have one, too, thank God. Also I'm happy to be on the list. Happy Friday!

  4. You are an all or nothing girl! I love that! Happy thanksgiving. Many blessings to you and your family xxx
    p.s i'm thankful for your friendship and support too.

  5. What a wonderful list! I'm grateful for you and your wonderful sense of humor. I love coming here! Hope your thanksgiving was wonderful, dear. xo


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