Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sock it to Me

As we get older, we look at our choices and evaluate them. Occasionally, we come to the conclusion that we made some bad choices, and therefore, we should make some changes which would better our lives. This happened to me recently. My sister T, brought me to this website which forced me to confront one of the areas in my life where I had given up.... My sock drawer.

(You didn't think this was going to be heavy with a title like "Sock it to Me" did you?)

About fifteen years ago I read a book about simplifying your life and one suggestion was to buy seven pairs of matching black socks. So there's no matching required, laundry day becomes a breeze, step into the world of simple ease... all you need is a dark, soul-less sock drawer.

Thank heavens that T showed me the light! Or the stripes, gnomes and cupcakes. Sock it to Me is a purveyor of funky, awesome socks, which, I have now decided, are necessary for me to live. They have stripes, argyle, funky & derby socks. Socks for men, women & children. Even socks for women with curvy calves! Sock it to Me has turned socks into art.

Have a look:

I MUST HAVE the rainbow striped socks. The black & white striped and red & pink striped are pretty awesome too. How fantastic would it be to have gnomes on your legs? When you walk into a room, people see jeans and sneakers; have a seat, cross your legs, and flash them some cupcake ankles! Sweet.

Do you have a dark, soul less sock drawer? Would you wear shamrock socks? Tell us!



  1. My Tip: by 2 or 3 pairs of the same funky socks so if you lose them, you'll still have mates! : ) I've done that since I got bored with the 2837 pairs of plain socks that match.

  2. I LOVE socks! And I especially love knee socks!! One of my favorite things about this time of year is pulling out (and pulling on) my knee socks. In fact, I think I K-need (get it?) more!!

  3. I get it & I k-need a fun, non-black sock ritual too. I'm a knee sock fan, now I'm a striped knee-sock fan!

  4. mismatched socks - maybe little mismatched socks? - is a company that makes funky socks that go together but aren't mates. really fun for kids and grown-ups with a sense of humor. Hooray for funky socks!

  5. Heather, i love stripey sock too! Bonds, an australian company makes awesome striped socks. Enjoy your new found sock freedom!


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