Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Humble Object - Tape Dispensers

Hi, welcome! This is my third and newest column called The Humble Object. This column is devoted to showing lots of fun versions of a basic, household object. I want to demonstrate that you can inject a dose of personality into the most basic items in your home, often with very little expense.

So, without further adieu, I give you the humble tape dispenser!

From top left: StickIt Tape Dispenser $20.00 from Moma Store,
Acrylic Dispenser $9.99 from Container Store,
Washi Decorative Tape Dispenser $12.95 from Kate's Paperie,
Colorful Dispensers $8.00 each from Poppin,
Basic Acrylic Dispenser $1.50 from Muji
From top left:  Camera Dispenser $24.00 from Anthropologie,
Black Cat Dispenser $14.00 from Cute Tape,
Red Riding Hood Dispenser (possibly my favorite) $17.99 from Ruche,
Squirrel Dispenser (my other possible favorite) $24.00 from Anthropologie,
Record Player Dispenser $21.99 from Ruche

From top left: Electronic Tape Dispenser $30.30 from Pylones,
Snail Dispenser $16.50 from Catching Fireflies,
Sewing Machine Dispenser $19.99 from Mod Cloth,
Chicken Dispenser $13.20 from Pylones
Vintage Snoopy Dispenser $13.50 from Etsy

From top left: Natural Modern Dispenser $16.00 from Cute Tape,
Washi Tape Dispenser $28.00 on Etsy,
Wood Tape Dispenser $11.00 from The Wanderlust,
1981 Eldon Dispenser $14.50 from Etsy,
Vintage Pink Dispenser $20.00 from Etsy,
Norleans Dispenser & Stamp Roll $32.00 from Etsy

There you have it! Do you have a favorite in the bunch? Tell me if you do!

Until tomorrow,


  1. Wow, I love it! Your collages are great! I like any of the colorful dispensers. Then you can't lose them.


  2. Great collages! Could someone tell Santa that the camera one needs to go into my stocking! ;)

  3. Thank you both! The collages are done with Picasa which was Leslie's recommendation (I forget which lesson though). It's easy-peasy to use! Those would have taken me hours in Photo Shop, that class is so awesome!

    I really like the red-riding hood... I don't really know why though.

  4. The collages are great! I'll have to give Picasa a try. Your blog is looking wonderful x


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