Tuesday, December 13, 2011

40 X 40

Hiya! I'm back as promised, after my week-long hiatus. Thank you all for waiting !!! I'm feeling better, I no longer resemble the Borg, and I'm pretty excited for Christmas. All in all, things are looking up!

Here is my Forty before Forty list, also as promised. I have agonized over this list, I have waaaay over-thought it, I've asked for advice about it, I've changed it several times, but now it's finished so I will present it to you!


  1. Get a camera - 12/25/2011
  2. Take a Photography Class
  3. Knit the sweater list - 8 - 10 sweaters, ambitious, I know.
  4. Teach myself watercolor painting
  5. Lose 41 lbs - oddly specific, I know, I weighed myself & I have a goal in mind.
  6. Do a split again - There will be no photo evidence of this.
  7. Find my hairstyle - I'm going for intentional-looking hair, nothing fancy.
  8. Visit Washington DC
  9. Learn photo styling
  10. Finish Grandma’s dresser
  11. Learn the basics of InDesign
  12. Finish & photograph our room
  13. Finish & photograph Lucie’s room.
  14. Plant a garden & deck recycling project - more on this later. - nope, not happening
  15. Finally make MY Halloween costume - I'm stuck between pink flamingo & fairy godmother.
  16. Take seven online classes - 2/2/12: one down - 2/27/12: three down - 4/2/12: six down
  17. Plant a flower garden - nope, not happening
  18. Create my own date/house/life book - in progress.  I bought a My Agenda, which works well.
  19. Re-open Heather B Design
  20. Finish Home Again Jog
  21. Learn the basics of Photoshop
  22. Get better at Illustrator
  23. Make new Christmas stockings & tree skirt
  24. Do twelve family outings
  25. Have twelve date nights with Hun
  26. Find space for an office - this will be a challenge.
  27. Scan/organize all of the photos
  28. Create three photo-albums
  29. Figure out a simple, workable wardrobe - just the plan, I don't have to buy it.
  30. Make a picture of my favorite quote to have & share
  31. Take Lucie to the Nutcracker - 12/23/2011
  32. Create a quick & simple morning/evening routines
  33. All the walls, ceilings, and floors in upstairs done.
  34. Host one get-together for grown-ups
  35. Take 2,000 pictures - I mean click the shutter 2,000 times, not 2,000 good pictures.
  36. Simplify, cozify, & prettify the main floor of the house
  37. Find a physical activity that I love - wish me luck...
  38. Make my bed every morning for one month
  39. Complete at least five organizing projects
  40. Complete these projects without moving their finishing lines.
I tried very hard to make these concrete. #36 is the only one that is a little nebulous. #40 just means that I have a tendency to add to a project so it never gets done. I don't want to do that, if anything I want to simplify them.

In keeping with all of the wonderful advice that you gave: I only have things that are fun/meaningful to me and it's OK if I don't finish them all. You were right when you pointed out that this should inspire me... (OK, there are a couple of things on there that I say I'm going to do every year that I really need to finish but only a couple). I did keep the list at forty and the time-frame to one year because I liked the symmetry, but there's no pressure. 

If you decide to do your own list please tell me, I'd love to see what you come up with!

I'll be taking about them as I do them and crossing them off as I finish them. There's a lot of learning on there. The Blogging Your Way course re-awakened my desire to take classes, I'm very excited about that!

Oh, I also have to mention two fabulous birthday gifts: 

First, Hun got me this license plate:

Yes, it's real! If you know what that is then you're probably green with envy. If you don't know then you need to watch this

Second, my sister got me this:

Yep, it's a stuffed kidney har, har, har, you can get a stuffed organ of your own here.

I'll be back tomorrow with a new mini Christmas series.

See you then,


  1. Terrific list. Really awesome. I'm inspired by lots of it, and intimidated by some if it (InDesign, really???). I think it's a great combination of really specific stuff (like the Nutcracker) and bigger picture stuff (like the 2,000 picture project). Hope you keep us updated on your progress and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. Thank you Lauren! I'm hoping I can do it...

    Yeah, the thing about InDesign - I've been a graphic designer for twelve years and I'm embarrassed about how little I know about that program... it falls under the "I really should know this" category.It's time to remedy that!

  3. TO BLAVE! The greatest birthday gift I have ever heard of anyone giving and receiving. Oh, the envy! Love the list, tres ambitious and very inspiring. Although at first I thought it said 'find an international hairstyle', which did slightly confuse me. As always I'll be looking forward to reading your posts and seeing how it all turns out. Love you!

  4. An international hair-style... hmmmm. I got my current hair-style about five months ago when I handed Hun a pair of kitchen shears and said "Cut it off, it's driving me crazy." So intentional is a big step up.

  5. Love your list! It seems do-able and ambitious at the same time. I will be turning 30 and think I need to make a list too. Look forward to following your journey! :) Best of luck to you!

  6. Thank you Rachel! If you post your list I'd love to see it!

  7. heather,
    i love it all except the lose weight part. "eat healthy", "read health books", but please be gentle on yourself with this one. the book "start strong, finish strong" has some useful information about this. also the book "willpower". i love your list otherwise and can't wait to share your successes with you. happy tuesday!

  8. Thanks Noreen! I already have the book "Willpower", it's fantastic!

    Yeah, I was trying to make the items on the list quantifiable, so eating healthy and exercising are rolled into that weight-loss goal. Also, that number will put me at the top of the BMI range (I'm pretty heavy at the moment) so I'm attempting to be reasonable. I will have to look at "Start Strong, Finish Strong" too. You're right, the ultimate goal is to be healthy!

  9. Heather! I love!!! your list. i read an 'international' haircut too. An intentional hair cut is equally as good.
    Your list is so inspiring. I can't wait to follow your journey. Happiest of years to you xxx

    ...and the princess bride is in my top 3 all time favourite movies!

  10. Thanks Leah! International, hee, hee, I have to think about what that would be, what a hoot!

    Princess Bride is awesome! I wonder what the fact that I can quote the whole thing says about me?


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