Monday, December 19, 2011

Pom Poms with Ez from Creature Comforts

Hello! Well, I took another week off, I didn't plan too, seems that recovery took a little longer than I had expected, but I'm back and I'm feeling really well! Finally.

So, back in the beginning of December, I decided to make a whole bunch of ornaments for our tree using the tutorials from some of my favorite blogs. The Saturday before last was spent with my Mum, Lucie and I making ornaments at the kitchen table, it was fun!

The first ornaments we made were pom poms, lots and lots of pom poms! We made a pom pom garland for the tree. I used the tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, Creature Comforts, shown below. It's fantastic! There are two things that you will notice. First, Ez makes very nice, neat, pretty pom poms... (you should use hers as a reference) Second, at two minutes, twenty-seven seconds, you will notice what I call the "Ez Scissor Maneuver," it's awesome. Watch for it ;-)

Here is a pic of our finished garland. You'll notice that our pom poms are of the shaggy variety. My mum made the crochet chain and attached them all. I love how it came out!

Styled by Lucie! Cute Huh?
Here is all of the fluff from the pom poms in a glass.

That's a lotta pom poms right there :-)

Thank you Ez! You're going to be featured twice more this week!

I will see you tomorrow,


  1. I'm thinking of doing some pompoms too :-)If I have any doubt of how to I will watch the video in your post!

    Thanks for the visit on my blogg today and your sweet comment!

  2. hi heather, welcome back! your 40x40 was a great one to leave up while you recovered. that list has made me think a lot - about what to do for goals for the new year, etc. joy to you, and happy crafting!

  3. I agree with Noreen, good idea to leave the 40X40 up for awhile. I was mincing pork for pork BBQ this weekend and it totally made me feel like I was making pom poms! I love your color combo!

  4. Thank you Jamie! I love your post today, so funny!

    Noreen & Lauren, I wish I could say that I did that on purpose ;-) I do hope you share any lists you make!

    Lauren, now I will have minced pork pom poms in my head... thank you. ;-p

  5. your pom poms are beautiful! well done! i agree with noreen and lauren, your 40x40 list was so inspiring... xxx


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