Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello Everyone!

So, when I saw the Gifted gift guide from Creature Comforts, I immediately noticed these:

The poppies on top of the packages are beautiful, right? I wondered where they came from and how I could get one of my own. Turns out Ez makes them herself. Not only that but she has a tutorial on how to do it. 

As luck might have it, they are super-simple to make! So naturally we had to make a few for our tree. We attached ours to clothes-pins so we can clip them to the branches easily. Here is one of ours:

The chiffon melts instantly, so watch her candle technique carefully. As you can see we got a little too close to the flame a couple of times... It's really obvious on the white background, fortunately, you don't notice it on the tree. It should also be noted that ten-year-olds like to melt things with candles so Lu had a very good time helping to make these! 

Here's a closer view of ours. 

If you love the poppy but you don't have the time/inclination to make them yourself, Ez has kits for sale in her shop right here. Each kit has a finished poppy, one yard of baker's twine, a small gold pin (if you want to wear it as an accessory) and an adhesive dot if you rather use it to top a gift.  I think I want to make one to wear as a pin. Except this time I think I'll make it a little more opaque with a few more petals, It'll make a cute lapel pin :-)

See you tomorrow!


  1. wow, heather, they are really beautiful. thanks for sharing. i won't have time to make any before christmas, but maybe in my free time... uh... in the summer? joy and laughs, n

  2. Your poppies are so pretty! I love the subtle sparkle. I'm so envious of all you people who are taking wrapping so dang seriously. More impressed than envious, I guess. Good job!

  3. BWAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA, wrapping *wipes tear from eye* Oh Lauren, I haven't started wrapping yet. Those were for the tree... wrapping, pffft, we do that on Christmas Eve.


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