Friday, January 27, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge #4 - Shoes

Hey Everyone!

Today is my fourth Photo Friday Challenge, conceptualized by the lovely Carly Robertson of The Simple Things. I love these challenges! This week the theme is shoes. Here is where I admit that I haven't a single pair of interesting shoes. Nope, not a one. I've had them in the past but I tend not to wear them. However, there are a bunch of truly adorable shoes floating about my house and they belong to Toby, Julie and Nicki, my daughter's AG dolls.

I can't tell you how many times I've looked at these and wished they made them in girl's sizes (or even women's!) Cute huh?

Have a happy weekend!


  1. Great idea! Love all the little shoes. I love shoes...

  2. Heather, what a good idea. They're so cute! Great photo. :-)

  3. the american girl doll phase is so wonderful, isn't it? you know what to get them for every holiday, the magazine is nice (after a certain age), and the books are excellent history teachers. i was sad to see that one go! enjoy! they are adorable. i wanted the horse life size!!

  4. Clever idea for a photo - this is so cute :)

  5. i love this take on the challenge! you may have to remedy your 'no interesting shoe' issue! lots of fun flats out there!
    happy weekend honey xxx

  6. hi heather, i'm checking on you! do you guys have the flu? there's nasty bugs going around here. hope you are well and just busy. joy! n

  7. How cute is this, great photo ..
    Love those little shoes ;o)


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