Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Rushed Morning Poem

Once upon a morn I'm rising,
Late again and I'm surmising,
Someone shut the alarm off and then tossed it on the floor.
"You shut it off while you're unconscious!"
I say loudly as Hun launches
Out of bed as he rushes madly to the door.
"Oh my gosh I need a shower,
And my work starts in an hour!
That alarm clock needs more power
To help me cease my nightly snore!"
An air-horn feature, maybe more.

Now it's time for kids to waken
A tardy slip is what's at stake when
We fail to get our keisters promptly out into the car
"Mom there are clean socks I'm needing,
And a book for noon-time reading!"
"Where's my homework?" they start pleading.
At this rate I fear we won't get far.
School on Wednesday's not surprising.
And now it seems I'm improvising,
What alternatives am I devising,
For the things we need to give the day a normal start?
Getting somewhere timely? Well, it seems to be an art.

So down around the floor I'm searching
My lack of planning now I'm cursing
Why didn't I do laundry when I had the time before?
"Hey look a sock!" It seems I found one,
"Here's another!" Is my task done?
They don't match, I yell at no one:
"It's just some matching socks I'm asking for!"
I've had a thought, now I'm elated!
"Matching socks are overrated.
"Who cares if right and left aren't mated?
You see that's what your shoes and pants are for!
Hiding mismatched socks found on the floor."

Now it seems we're getting frantic,
No food for lunch just makes us panic,
And I have no time to run out to the store.
What is this "lunch" of which you speak?
I think it's bound to be unique,
Creative lunches are a treat!
Here I open wide the cabinet door.
Cereal should be just fine.
Leftover bacon is sublime.
And darn it all is that the time?
I tell you normal lunches are a bore
We won't be serving normal any more.

Oh no! Upon the clock my eye
Falls, I see we have to fly!
"Let's get a move on since we've gone too slow before!"
"Turn the tube off!" I say nearly shouting,
"We've got three minutes!" (but who's counting?)
"Let's move faster, the second's mounting!"
Our time management skills are really poor.
"Come on let's get our butts in gear!
We really must get out of here!
We're going to be late again I fear."
So finally we all run out the door.
A smooth-running morning would be such a bore.


  1. that is so FUNNY! true and funny. the alarm clock on the floor and mismatched socks. what could be better? hooray for you, heather!

  2. Thank you Noreen! My husband said it would be a lot funnier if it weren't true ;-)

  3. Yes Heather, you are funny :-) I always run out of clean socks too, and curse myself for not doing laundry in time (I have to down from the fourth floor, over the yard and down to the basement in another house. Up and down, up and down. That makes me skip the laundry appointment sometimes...)

    Hope you will have a good weekend, with no-stress-mornings :-)

    Hugs Maria

  4. Maria, at that rate I'd be washing mt clothes in my kitchen sink! Oh, did you see that I added you to my blog roll? I thought I'd point it out if you hadn't noticed :-)

  5. This is totally AWESOME. If I had the energy for more, I'd say it, but: love.

  6. Absolutely love it. My god it's like you have been spying at my house! My husband agrees with yours - when he read my blog last he said "I know other people find it funny - but it's not as amusing when it's actually about us".

  7. Thank you Heather, for putting me on your blogroll! I didn't see it until you pointed it out. Often I just go to the new post/posts if it's a blog I often visit. So thank's for telling me, made me happy! :-)

  8. i love this. you'd be awesome to hang out with! your sense of humour always makes me smile!


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