Friday, February 10, 2012

February 10 on 10 - Lu's Room Inventory

Hello and Happy Friday!

Today is both the 10th and a Friday so I'll be posting both the 10 on 10 challenge and later the Photo Friday Challenge, these are sponsored by one of my favorite blogs, The Simple Things by Carly Robertson.

I thought I'd accomplish two things with this 10 on 10 post: one, the 10 on 10 (obviously), and two, the next step on Lucie's room.

As you may remember, I weeded and cleaned Lu's room last weekend. Now, since that's done, it's time to organize it. "They" say ( you know, the all-knowing "they" whom you may reference when you know someone said something that made sense but you can't remember who?) ... "they" say that you should never buy containers to organize until you've measured your stuff so you know exactly what you need. Having bought first and measured after before, I can tell you that "they" are onto something.

So here are some photos of the "inventory" of Lu's room:

Here I've got my handy dandy notebook, pen, & measuring tape. I'm off to a good start, I can feel it.

The requisite bucket o' stuffies. Fortunately, they fit neatly into the drawer we made for them.

Lucie and her friends are into Monster High Dolls. They're a whole different take on the Barbie thing. I actually kinda like them. They will need their own basket.

Duct tape, she loves it, she makes stuff with it, there's a lot more of it, so it'll need a basket devoted to it.

Mementos. She is a sentimental soul. I think that some pretty document boxes might be nice for these.

Her long jump rope and a book of rhymes. Everything that she uses outside will have it's own basket.

Silly Bands, a fad that is hopefully almost over. Does anyone else have a silly band fan at home?

Marbles, I can see this collection in a decanter of some kind.

My little girl likes her nail polish. These are going to go in her desk drawer in a container. I'm thinking that I'm going to get dividers to corral her stuff in the drawers.

I'm thinking of making containers for all of her pens and pencils.

Here are a bunch of storage boxes that I'm thinking of using for her room. The plastic boxes from Land of Nod are for craft supplies, the water hyacinth baskets from The Container Store for toys, the document boxes, also from The Container Store, for her mementos, the strapping hamper from Land of Nod as a hamper (go figure). The goal is functional and pretty... as opposed to messy and ugly. Does anyone actually try for messy and ugly? Oh, there's probably someone out there... In my case, messy and ugly is the practical outworking of household entropy.

From top left: Linus Deep Drawer Organizers from The Container Store, Bright Stockholm Boxes from The Container Store, Suitcases from Land of Nod, Strapping storage hamper from Land of Nod, Plastic craft boxes in green, turquoise and purple from Land of Nod, and Water Hyacinth baskets from The Container Store.

Now I have to look at all of the measurements I've taken and all of my notes to see what I'm going to order. I actually like this part! It will be nice to have order restored... actually, the word "restored" implies that there was order to begin with. I wouldn't want to give you a false impression.

See you later!


  1. heather, i'm impressed. you are getting very organized. happy weekend, and take some time off - you earned it!

  2. Oh so organized! I don't think I've ever measured first and bought second. I'm came over from Carly's 10 on 10. I like the bright colors in your pictures!

  3. Noreen - I would love to take the weekend off but it's not going to happen ;-)

    Ellie - Oh no, not organized at all! I'm trying but mmmm, not so much. I'm glad you stopped by!

  4. What a great series of photos! Love all the gorgeous colour and everything is so beautifully organized!

  5. Thank you Carly! It isn't organized at all, I'm trying to take some ques from you... Hopefully I'll get there.

  6. Great pics and good for you for getting organized! I REALLY need to do that in my boys' room. Maybe I've got some inspiration for my next 10 on 10 challenge :)

  7. This is great! We're tackling Callum's room this weekend. It's no coincidence that my mom sent me a book called "Organizing the Disorganized Child." Good luck!

  8. Lauren, I need that book. Although it should probably be "Organizing the Disorganized Parent."


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