Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge... On Tuesday

This week the theme of the Photo Friday Challenge, with Carly Robertson of The Simple Things Blog was LOVE. How does my darling daughter know how much I love her? Because I made sixteen pairs of heart-shaped cellophane sunglasses to go with her Martha Stewart "secret message" Valentines. Oh my, were they fiddly. She loved them though, and I love her. As my friend Sarah correctly observed "The things we do for our daughters."

My cutting skills were diminishing by the sixteenth pair... They are cute though. If you would like to make your own fiddly-yet-cool Martha Valentines, you can find them here.

And a Valentines lunch for my dear girl too. The heart shaped sandwich cutter was from Williams Sonoma but it appears to be gone now... Well boo.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Up next - I'm finally going to review my Photography 101 course. It was good!


  1. What a fun photo and I just adore that heart sandwich!!

  2. Awesome way to show your love! Happy Valentine's Day, dear!

  3. you are a crazy, wonderful, loving mom.

  4. lunchbox love! such a beautiful treat to her day!


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