Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sharing the Love

Hey Everyone,

I thought I'd make some stuff to share with anyone who would like to reap some benefits from my class. Here are four different backgrounds that you can use with your blog.

Here's what you do: follow this link: and right click on the image you want to use. Choose "save as" and save it somewhere where you'll find it. (I used to hide things on myself all of the time, now it's only some of the time, I hate looking for stuff) then follow your blog's destructions, I mean, instructions for tiling a background and VOILA!!! Or voila if you use Blogger. If you use Wordpress you may be cursing and crying before all is said and done.

Oh, and the polka dot really is 1/4 inch square, it's teeny. It couldn't be less impressive if it tried. That one works though.

(OK, here is the) Disclaimer: The class is "Patterns in Illustrator" as soon as I make them for web backgrounds it becomes "Patterns in PHOTOSHOP" aaaaaand it gets a little sketchy there.  Theoretically, they should work without being glitchy, practically, mmmmm.... I hope so but I'm not sure. They work in Illustrator but when I tested them on my blog I had a "where did that line come from?" moment with some of them. Sometimes it's there and sometimes it's not... Tell me if you use them but have a problem and I'll try to fix it, as long as it's a pattern issue and not a technical issue. If I try to help you with a technical issue you'll just want to cry.

I thought I'd make something else to share tomorrow.
I know I like free stuff so I'm figuring you might too :-)

See you then,


  1. I love the squiggly lines! You are just getting talenteder and talenteder all the time!

  2. Heather! You crack me up! I'm constantly losing things on my computer, and I love the whole, maybe there'll be lines maybe not, let me know bit! I just love watching you spread your wings (in a totally non-condescending way!)

  3. Why thank you both!

    Heidi, I like talenteder, I'm adding that to my vocabulary.

    Lauren, I don't know what I'd do if something worked right the first time... I'd probably have to do it over so I could get the expected result. Thank you for the complement! I took it in a completely non-condescending way... (like you could be condescending, pfft.) ;-)

  4. heather, you are so sweet. thank you for sharing. someday i will learn more about my blog and play with the design, and i may revisit your gift then. happy thursday!

  5. Thanks for sharing Heather! I like the lines that are not straight and saved it for later.

    You gave me a laugh to, when I followed the link and found your comment "Yes, that's the polka dot to the left. It's truly unimpressive." First I though: where is the pattern? Then I saw the two little dots, understood what you meant and had a laugh :-)

  6. Unimpressive but it tiles correctly. The honeycomb was giving me fits! I think I yelled at the computer more then once.


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