Thursday, February 23, 2012

100th Post


Yes folks that is one hundred quality posts brought to you by moi.

Riveting posts on timely subjects with beautiful photographs and excellent writing. "So what blog are you describing, Heather?" Ha ha, very funny. Okay, so Home Again Jog may not be all of those things, but I like to believe that my over-all trajectory has been up. Albeit a sort of a gentle incline rather than a stratospheric rise, but I'll take it.

So I thought I'd do a mini retrospective for my 100th post. Yes, this is going to be the blog version of sitting through your friend's slide show of their Hawaiian vacation. I'm having fun and you're being polite, trying to stay awake, and hoping there won't be a quiz.

Here are some of my favorite posts from waaay back at the beginning, oh so long (nine months) ago:

  • Isaac's stream of consciousness from Mackworth Island - Yes, he really sounds like that.
  • My helpful hints on drywall from I Stink At Drywall - How many blogs do you know that have an entire category devoted to things the author stinks at? None? Admittedly there may be a reason for that.
  • How to re-do a closet in 86 easy steps in Weeding the Closet: A Real-Time Account. So easy anyone can do it, although you may not want to after reading this.
  • What it's like to live in my house much of the time in Night in the Construction Zone.
Here are some stats:
  • My post with the most views, 1,182 to be exact (freebies do that for you) - Another Printable?!?!?
  • My post with the least views, 4 to be exact - See You Monday! (don't bother looking, there's a reason for that number)
  • The post with the most comments (half were still mine) - Photo Friday Challenge
  • There are many several posts with zero comments
  • My average daily total page views in June - twelve
  • My average daily total page views now - more than twelve
  • My total page views to date: 11,235
  • The first comment:  "I never realized you also had the red hi-top Reeboks. My guess is I had to have them because you did, but I really always thought it was the nun wearing them in the commercial that got me. All I do know is I only wore them once due to the horrible nickname the boys at school gave them. Which I will leave your readers to discern for themselves :). Loving the blog!" From my second sister Sarah.
  • The first comment from someone I didn't know:  I don't have time to be so organized! lol! I think you may have to start a new club? the Chaos Fairy club?! I'll be in it in a heartbeat! Nice to meet you via BYW - I'm also in Maine! -kg
This was the first pic I posted:

But not my worst

This is the latest pic:
It's not my best.

I've been having a whole lotta fun with this blog. I have fun writing it, I have fun getting to know you guys through it, I enjoy using it as an excuse to build various skill sets, and I have noticed that what Holly Becker said is coming true, while I wouldn't say that I'm living my best life yet, I would say that my blog has caused me to live a better life. The accountability factor is huge, knowing that you're reading and watching keeps me on track! Thank you all!

I'm going to wait until my 1,000th post to do another retrospective, I don't want to be "that" friend who makes you watch vacation slide shows every time you visit. You'd start making excuses "I'd read your blog but I have to wash my hair."... 

I was going to bake myself a cake commemorating this milestone but I think I'll just have a spoonful of frosting and call it good.

Thank you so much for being my readers!

Until tomorrow,


  1. Happy 100th! Wow, going from your first to your most recent photo- you have made lots of progress! Now though I can't imagine life without visiting you here. Rest up, Heather, you've got lots more blogging to do. Joy!

  2. Happy 100th so great to be on this blogging journey with you. Well done with creating a gem of a blog.

  3. Oh hooray for you! Happy 100th! What an exciting milestone! I've enjoyed riding along your stratospheric trajectory...and your humor brightens my day, no question. It's great fun to see the progress you've made. Thanks for letting us come along.

  4. happy 100th post! i love your take on life and this post was right up there! i did have to go and see your 'see you monday' post. so that's an extrea visit!
    heather, my visit here brightens my day! thank you xxx


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