Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Lu's Room Weeded

The day finally came. I told Lu that it was time to weed out her room and she said that her Littlest Pet Shops and American Girl Dolls could all get packed away and taken to the basement. I feel like it's the end of an era. The little girl time is officially over. *sigh*

On the upside, Lu's room had so much less stuff in it now that it's been weeded! She has space to move and play again, which is nice. We took one bag of trash out of the house and one large, plastic trunk to the basement. What a relief! Her room was really bugging me. Remember this post? Well, we're all better now.

I even have photo evidence...

The bed, actually made this time. There's a matching duvet for the trundle in the laundry.

You can see the absence of woodwork on the one window. It's one of the things we need to finish. The bed was its own project which I'll tell you about another time.
Hey look! There's the floor! Amazing. 

I have a bunch of projects that I'm going to share with you over the next few weeks. That jumble of letters hanging on the ribbon is one of them.

That is the chair from the last post. It needs to be covered. The desk was my grandma's. I refinished it for Lucie a couple years ago and now it's in desperate need of a touch-up. She still loves the color though.

This is the shelving unit that I designed, which Hun and I built. All of Lu's toys and books fit on it. More on this later too.

There's a close-up of the shelves. I was responsible for the trim work, a fact which I will gladly admit to when you can't see it clearly.

That drawer still needs sanding, trim, wheels, paint, and a pull. Right now it's sliding on felt. You can see all of the places that still need to be finished.

The crown molding still needs finishing, as does the hallway beyond... (lots of stuff needs finishing, oy vey!)

That's a picture I made for Lu. I just traced butterfly-shaped cookie cutters onto glitter paper, cut them out, glued them onto card stock, and stuck it in this shadow box that I got at Michael's for 50% off. Cute, inexpensive art.

So, now that I have it weeded, the next step is organizing it. I've found some baskets that will both work and look nice as well as some other items to help corral her stuff and make it easy for her to put things away. Taking inventory is tomorrow's project!

See you tomorrow,


  1. Nice homemade art with the butterflies! Good idea.

  2. the butterfly art is beautiful! you have made heaps of progress. looking great!

  3. wow heather, that was a lot of work! also i was sad when my daughter passed the american girl phase - it's so nice. you know what to get her for every holiday, and the books are educational. ah well. they have to grow up. looks beautiful!


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