Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pretty, Pretty Palettes

I want to share my new favorite site with you. It's called Design Seeds and it is marvelous! Design Seeds is color guru Jessica's endeavor. She has loved color all her life, once upon a time, she created journals in sketchbooks with Pantone chips and Dymo label call-outs. Now she shares her journal online in the form of Design Seeds and I would like to thank her for doing so! I can't stop pinning these!

I love how she sees unusual color combinations in the photos she chooses. She demonstrates that you can pull a palette from just about anything.

She combines color in unexpected ways that are stunning!

I'm thinking of this one for my room...

... or this one, Hun doesn't like pink but a small dose shouldn't hurt ;-p

If I had an entire wall of colors to choose from, I never would have put these together but it's absolutely beautiful!

Design Seeds lets you search hundreds of palettes by theme or color. You can even click on one of the colors in a given palette to see other palettes with that color! The whole site is fantastic!

I never have an excuse not to have a lovely palette for anything that needs one: rooms, outfits, blogs, you name it. Hop on over, it's awesome (be warned, it's also addictive. You may have palette mania when you see all of them :-)

Until tomorrow,


  1. That is fun. I love the mineral palettes. So pretty. A lot like picking out seed beads.

  2. beautiful. you're right - i'd never put some of those colors together, but they look great!

  3. yes, her eye for colour and colour combinations is amazing. definately feel good pics!


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