Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In Design

As you can see from yesterday's post I've got a lot going on. I want to write posts but I feel like my days are pretty full, you know what I mean? Of course you do, who isn't busy all of the time. I was feeling somewhat stressed about how I was going to add a blog post to my list when I had an apostrophe... (Smee's version of "epiphany" in Hook.) I'll write posts about what I'm doing for clients and in classes and stuff. It's ready-made blogging material. It may not be riveting reading but... Maybe you'll find it interesting.

Right now I'm baking firewood in my oven a 350 degrees. It's wet and takes sixteen newspapers to get it to light. Baking it actually works, I have not burned the house down yet so that's good... Stop laughing.

Any-hoo, right now I'm taking an In Design 101 class at Nicole's Classes. I'm making a set of calling cards for the young people in my life. I'm doing five designs with five variations of each. Here are three with the phone numbers blurred, they are not blurred in real life (you probably guessed that). The polka-dot is for the backs.

TA-DAH! I think I'm going to sell these on Etsy. I'm having fun with my class.

See you tomorrow,


  1. The little people in your life will love them! You have some pretty spiffy ideas in that there head of yours!

  2. heather, why are you baking wood? it's warm here! where are you? we'll be in the 70s today, and last night slept with the windows open. happy busy life!

  3. Noreen - one third of the way up Maine it's still dipping down to freezing at night. The good thing is that I only have to take the edge off in the morning and at night. It is GORGEOUS during the day though! I love spring!

    Morgen - thank you! I'm glad she likes them :-)

  4. Those are really nice cards! That punctuation does not denote surprise, but extent of niceness.

  5. I love you Joy! That punctuation doesn't denote surprise but enthusiasm ;-)

  6. Do children have calling cards in America? I've never seen that here in Sweden. They are cute!

    I'm making a facebook page for Jamie says dream, but when I try to add the cover photo (is that the word in English?)I can't get it to fit. Do you have any advice for me? It looks so good with your header on your facebook page.

    Love Maria

  7. Hi Maria, kids in America don't use calling cards but there are lots of parents who like to get personalized things for them so I'm thinking that it might take off. I'm actually going to make them into print-them-yourself PDFs so I can make and sell them very inexpensively. Who knows? Maybe I'll start a trend ;-)

    I actually do have some advice, the cover page for FB is 851 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall so if you make it that size it should fit perfectly! I hope that helps :-)

  8. Thank you so much Heather, I will make a cover pic in that size!

    Good luck with the kids calling cards, could easily be a new trend I think!

  9. Heather, these are beautiful! Here in Australia, I have seen "Mummy" cards, which would fit this theme as well - The card says "mother of..." with all the contact details - easy way to swap contacts when setting up play dates at a new school, etc. :-)

  10. Michelle, that idea is AWESOME!!! Oh boy am I going to run with that one!!! Thank you!

  11. I think the calling cards are a great idea. Did you ever read the Little House on the Prairie books? I grew up with them, and read them to Callum too. Anyhoo, in Little Town on the Prairie, the big obsession for the girls is calling cards and Laura desperately wants some. I can still remember how her parents splurge and get her some and how pretty they are!

    Do you really heat your house with wood? I LOVE that! It's HOT at night here. Already a little uncomfortable to sleep.

  12. We really do heat with wood! Right now it's snowing... SNOWING! I am not amused.

    I did read Laura and I do remember that! I think Pa gave her ten cents to buy them :-) I love Laura!


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