Thursday, March 15, 2012

Pooch on the Move

I'm taking a typography class with Nicole's Classes and, as usual, it's great! I HIGHLY recommend it!

I've learned some very interesting things, for example, did you know that fonts are not actually fonts? Noooooo, they are "typefaces" a font is the specific weight and size of a typeface. So Ariel is the typeface and Ariel italic 15 pt. is the font. What I also did not know is that graphic designers who have had typography classes may snicker derisively at someone who uses the words "font" when they should say "typeface." Sort of the way the students who took music theory snickered at someone who called Wagner, Wagner or how the sophisticated smirk when someone calls a faux pas a fox pass as though calling a faux pas a fox pass is a faux pas (sorry, had to). Anyway, now you know, it's a typeface, not a font. Now you can go forth and use correct terminology!

Anyway, one of this week's homework assignments was to create a business card using only fonts. It had to be one serif and one sans serif and no other design elements. That's kind of a challenge for me because I fancy myself to be more of an illustrator, so type-only usually looks like it needs something to me. Anyway, in an effort to combine my classwork with other projects, I decided to make a card for Isaac who wants to have a dog-walking business called "Pooch on the Move." Actually, I'm very proud of that name, it just came to me and Isaac liked it. That never happens to me, usually I agonize over naming things.

So here it is, my text-only business card, both front and back, for Pooch on the Move.

The front

The back

What do you think?

See you tomorrow!


  1. The back is really you - fun! I like the blue and yellow on the front 8the swedish flag colours by the way)but I'm not sure about the red...

    Pooch on the move sounds like a great name for a dog walking business!

    You are really a student now, classes and homework all the time :-)

  2. I LOVE it! Love Isaac's idea and love the card. He'll feel very much official and ready to go with those cards in hand. Nice job, Heather!

  3. hi heather - it's awesome. sorry - didn't catch all that typeface vs. font stuff. fonts give the size? i'll make a faux pas for sure. but ah well. you can teach me.

    i'm happy you are happy learning, and that is the coolest kid card i've ever seen. joy to you!

  4. Heather, this is great! I wouldn't usually think of a business card without some sort of picture, but this card proves you really don't need it. I especially like the back, very cute!


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