Friday, March 16, 2012

Invitation for Typography Class

Continuing with the "posting schtuff I'm doing for class" theme, here is an invitation that I had to make for typography. Again, you can only use two typefaces (there are six fonts in two typefaces in the invitation below) one serif and one sans serif.

I'm pretty happy with it, I think it's fun and colorful. Again, I am always surprised at the nearly infinite variety of options you have even when you're so limited in the elements. Sometimes I think it's actually easier to design something when you have some constraints. Looking at a page where you can do anything kind of blows my mind sometimes.

I've also stopped trying to create my own palettes. there are people who are so much better at creating palettes than I am. For the invitation above I pulled the colors from this photo:

Which also happens to be a super-awesome project over at Little Bit Funky. I LOVE her color choices! So when I saw it I decided to sample all of them for the invitation. I may have to make these sometime, I think they are fab.

I used this palette from Design Seeds for Isaac's Pooch on the Move card:

She is just so incredibly talented! I will probably never make my own palettes again, I can't do it better!

I'll be back later today with the Photo Friday Challenge!

Happy Friday to you!!!


  1. cute invite, and I love the painted wooden spoons to, I have it on Pinterest. Makes me want to buy a lot of little cans of paint and paint away. But I should probably put my money on something more important. But I do have a little pink and very pale green paint leftovers... :-)

  2. hiya heather! love it. and i love the kitchen utensils with the colors. really cool. you're learning, and it's fun to see what you come up with!

  3. The invite is great! I love how you pulled inspiration from such a great photo. Those utensils are awesome!


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