Monday, March 19, 2012

My Night

My night:

  1. 9:30 PM - think about going to bed.
  2. 9:35 PM - decide to watch two more "Sons of Guns" on Netflix.
  3. 10:30 PM - appreciate the craftsmanship of gun-making, affirm that, despite that appreciation, I still will never let one in the house, decide to go to bed.
  4. 11:30 PM - drift off to sleep
  5. 1:30 AM - Lucie is cold and climbs into bed with me
  6. 1:45 AM - I am too hot and I'm trying to sleep with both arms over my head, sandwiched in between Hun and Lu the bed hog.
  7. 2:00 AM - I'm still awake
  8. 2:05 AM - I give up, take my pillow and climb into Lu's bed.
  9. 2:25 AM - I'm thinking about all of the projects I have left in her room
  10. 2:45 AM - her bed is soft and making my joints ache
  11. 3:07 AM - shuffle out to the kitchen to take four ibuprofen.
  12. 3:10 AM - become annoyed that it looks like I'll be starting my Monday sleep-deprived
  13. 3: 30 AM - the ibuprofen has made my aches go away but seems to be burning a hole in my stomach
  14. 3:37 AM - shuffle out to the kitchen to eat a banana
  15. 3:45 AM - begin having angry, sarcastic thoughts toward the sleeping members of my household "I hope you all are ENJOYING YOUR SLEEP."
  16. 3:51 AM - the banana isn't cutting it, shuffle back out to the kitchen for a bowl of cereal
  17. 4:20 AM - at least I'm not in pain.... I'm not asleep either
  18. 4:45 AM - completely lose perspective - "I CAN'T TAKE A NAP UNTIL WEDNESDAY!!! MY WEEK IS RUINED."
  19. 5:15 AM - the angry thoughts and lost perspective turn to violent thoughts - "Let's see how well they sleep if I pinch them!"
  20. 5:30 AM - "♫ ♪ Nobody knows the trouble I seeeeeen, Nobody knows my sorrow.♪ ♫
  21. 6:05 AM - Make mental lists of everything that I won't get done this week because I'm soooooo tired.
  22. 6:30 AM - reclaim my bed, kick Lu out and send her back to her bed.
  23. 6:35 AM - fall sound asleep
  24. 7:38 AM - awaken to "Mom.... mom.... I have to go to school soon...." *evil look from me* "OK, OK mom, you can sleep for a few more minutes
  25. 7:43 AM - try to get up
  26. 7:46 AM - try again
  27. 7:49 AM - third time's a charm
  28. 7:51 AM - make sure that I remind Lu several times that my sleep deprivation is her fault.
  29. 8:10 AM - she has both hugged me and said "sorry" and then laughed at me.... twit.
  30. 8:16 AM - head out to the car and notice the beautiful weather
  31. 8:20 AM - drop Lu off and decide that the day might be redeemable.
  32. 9:00 AM - start writing this post
  33. 9:45 AM - realize that I'm still not going to get to nap until Wednesday.


  1. Oh no, I hate those nights, I remember when I was working in morning radio and starting work very early the (childless) presenter looked at the lethargic, bags under the eyes, ageing by the minute, me one afternoon and said do you get to have a nap when you get home? I loved so hard I feel off my chair.

  2. You are beautiful! Yes, that sounds familiar!
    It is almost wednesday xxx


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