Monday, March 19, 2012

Memory Lane - My Sticker Book

Were you a kid in the '80's? Not a baby but someone old enough to have had the big hair, swatch watches, and Esprit shoes? If you are this might be a fun post for you.

Holly at Decor8 had a wonderful post today about creating mood boards and mood books to inspire yourself. It's a wonderful post and I read the whole thing. I have plans to implement a mood book (I like hers so much I have to try it.) 

However, I got stuck on something she said:

"I started doing those in the late 1970′s when I was maybe 6 years old and I continued making them my entire life – writing in some, sticking things in others – I had sticker books..." and I said "uh huh, I have the PERFECT thing"... it's only tangentially related but if you were an "80's kid, you'll like it.

♫ ♪ Ooo oooo meeeeeeem-orieeeeees light the corners of my miiiiiiiiind ♫ ♪

I turns out that I made books like Holly's when I was a kid too... and I happened to save one. It's among the things I'd grab in a fire. I saved my sticker book from 1983. I left it exactly the way I made it, it hasn't been touched since I finished it in 1983.

I'm not sure where the album came from, but the fabric and the ribbon came from my mom's stash. I just cut it out and glued it on! It's funny how when you're a kid you don't always worry about the "right way" you just do it :-)

Pre-acid-free. The poor pages are getting brown. I'm loath to touch it though. Do you remember the clown teddy? I think I saw him everywhere. Oh, and let the Lisa Frank count begin... (There are four in this pic, last hint.)

One of my favorite stickers ever!

A whole page devoted to clowns. Remember the sticker light-switch covers?

I love you Lisa!!!!

Loved the animals. I grabbed them wherever I saw them. I had the need to have complete sets... that's faded over time (fortunately.)

Another favorite by you know who.

I think I have all of these? Do you remember these? My mom wasn't sure "I'm Sexy" was appropriate for a 4th grader ;-)

Unicorns! The fascination with unicorns in the '80s was HUGE!!! Like the little piece of purple tape? That's vintage '80's too. I kept rearranging the pages so they stopped sticking.

Page two of unicorns.

This was one of my favorites, it might still be. I have LOVED the Cheshire Cat since forever. He's always been my favorite.

Glitter stickers and assorted. I really like the rooster.

One more Lisa Frank page and a bunch of Boyntons. All of my stickers still have the backing on them. I spent hours painstakingly cutting around them.

This makes me so nostalgic. It also inspires me to look back at the things I loved as a kid and see what I can bring forward to today. It also makes me want to just do things without worrying so much about whether or not it's "the right way." Twenty-nine years later, my book still looks cute (old, but cute) I just did it and I liked what I made.

Until tomorrow,


  1. I still mourn the loss of my sticker book, in fourth grade I lost it or someone stole it, I'm not sure which. Mine was a large green photo album with clear pages covering the stickiness. I kept all my stickers on their backs, for trading and posterity. My parents helped me look at home and places we'd been until I finally gave up. So sad.

  2. Let us have a moment of silence for Joy's dearly departed sticker book .......................................................................................

    I wish I had saved my Swatches and my Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper...

  3. Oh love! Your sticker book took me right back!! How fun was this...I went for animals, mostly dogs and I totally had the light switch cover. How cool that you still have yours. No clue where mine went.

  4. I used to hope that you would only have boys so that I could get the book when you died - if you go before me. Of course, I love Lu, so I am (mostly) happy that she will get it.

    It's awesome. And it was Aunt Katie who thought the sticker was inappropriate. :)

  5. Lauren - into a wormhole in the time/space continuum where the other sock, Barbie shoes and pen caps go.

    T - I know someone thought it was, maybe you're right. You used to make me promise that I'd will it to you. I did scour Ebay looking for stickers for you.

  6. Oh yes!!! I was a child of the 80's... and i loved my sticker book {and my eraser collection and michael jackson!}.
    Love this trip down memory lane.... ahh, spiral perms, ra-ra skirts, fluro socks... the good ol' days xxx

  7. adorable! i kept journals, but did not make sticker books. but this is so cute, and a vivid reminder of how little and young and sweet you were. no wonder you keep it. let's capture a bit of our children's sweetness for them when they grow up, too.

  8. Oh my GOD, I totally had a sticker book! I recognize quite a few of those stickers. My favorites were always the puffy ones. I think I used to buy stickers at Hallmark or something? Anyway, no idea what happened to it. How neat that you kept yours!

    p.s. I bet you had an awesome charm bracelet too.

  9. Heather!
    I just noticed that you had a blog and then came across your sticker book! I REALLY remember some of these stickers, I think we must have collected some of them together! Where the heck is mine? hm. Anyways, I'm enjoying reading about your house redo!

  10. Thanks Jenna! I'll bet we did! I got all of the "I'm" people at Capitol Stationers. I know we traded some. I remember playing with Ginny dolls at your house and cross-country skiing for what felt like miles across the fields behind your house. :-)


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