Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hey Everyone,

I'm taking a week off to do HOMEWORK! I have a lot of homework and I want to do it well. I'm treating it like portfolio projects.

So I'll leave you with this guy who is the head of a harem that traipses around the neighborhood. He was showing off here. I've enlarged the photo, I need a telephoto zoom lens.... someday.

I like his blue head.

I will see you all next Friday!

Until then,


  1. hello heather - good luck with your homework!

    your turkey is wild - beautiful. amazing. is there a girl turkey also, perhaps?

    happy spring!

  2. He's really pumped up, that turkey :-)

    Good luck with your homework. Your break will give me a chance to chatch up with your blogposts :-)

    Love Maria

  3. He is a proud, puffed up thing isn't he! Good luck with your assignments xxx

  4. Smart girl! Good luck this week. We'll be here waiting for your progress report! ;)


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