Wednesday, March 21, 2012

More Mom-Art for Lu's Room... Maaaaaybe......


Months and months and months ago I started drawing a rose. It's pretty unusual for me to haul out the colored pencils and paper but I hadn't drawn anything in years awhile so I decided to try it again. Whenever I start doing any kind of art, Lu notices and within minutes she starts to hover and she eventually asks "Whatcha doin?" "Drawing." I reply. Then she always asks "Who's it for?" "I don't know" I say. Then comes the inevitable request "Can I have it?" This time the answer was "Yes."

It should be noted that I spent many months deluding myself into thinking that I was going to finish this picture. However, recently I've had a discussion with myself where I finally admitted that I wasn't going to do that. I have therefore declared it "finished enough" and I've stuck it in a frame for her wall.

There it is, the rose floating in nothingness.

There it is closer. I need to draw more than once every three years. I forget that I like it.

My 40 x 40 has "Teach myself watercolor painting" as item number 4 on the list. So I've begun to fiddle with that medium... My success is, meh. But as Burt from Mary Poppins would say they're "better than a finger in the eye." and so they are. They are not art yet but they aren't stick figures either, not that there's anything wrong with stick figures.

 My first watercolor attempt: a morning glory and a fuchsia. You will notice a theme in my artwork.

My next attempt: violets. These are bad and are destined for the circular file. Even the photo is blurry, the camera knows it's bad too.

Third try: morning glory take 2. I think this is OK but I obviously have a lot more work to do.

I will say that it's fun to fiddle with the paints. I can tell that this is post recession because I got really cheap paints and brushes. In the past I would have purchased nice ones but I want to see if I like the medium before I spend any money.

Lu wants the last one for her wall. I'm not sure that I want it on a wall, maybe my fifth or sixth attempt will be wall-worthy.

On another note, my kidney is talking to me again. I knew I wasn't out of the woods but I had hoped it would wait a little longer. It's not bad but it makes me grumpy. My friend got me out of the house on a short walk today, so that was nice. Anyhoo - excuse any grumpy tone to the posts. It's me, not you ;-)

I shall see you tomorrow!


  1. wow. You have quite a few talents I think you have hidden from me. Your work is very very nice. I hate the word "very" and rarely use it twice. You're welcome.

  2. heather, i'm sorry to hear you're in pain. ugh! you have such a good attitude. go ahead and be grumpy if you need to.

    also, you are an artist and i didn't know it. that rose is so beautiful! enjoy your watercolors!

  3. Hope your health continues to improve. You have such a gorgeous positive pesonality!
    You could carve some time out to do more watercolours. You have a talent! It is also possibly a relaxing activity xxx


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