Thursday, April 5, 2012

Liberty Prints

Here are the rest of my photos from my Tabletop Photography class at Nicole's Classes.

I know that "lol" means "laugh out loud" but whenever I read that, the first thing I see is "load of laundry" (I think that's because I'm a mom) and the second thing is see is "Liberty of London." Weird, right?

I got these LoL (ha ha) quarter yards from Purl Soho, I was going to use them for a design project, but now I'm not sure. I love these fabrics, they're even prettier in person.

I think these three are my favorites!

I'm slowing down on the blog a little... honestly, I'm feeling a little discouraged. I'm in stasis, kind of a holding pattern, but I don't feel like I'm getting further and I don't know what to do about it. Silly, I know, but I'll get past it, I always do :-)

I will see you Tuesday. Hun is taking Monday off so we can get ahead on some projects. That sounds good to me!



  1. heather, have a lovely, take-care-of-yourself break. your fabrics and photos are beautiful. how are you coming with your goal list? taking classes was on it, right? check! joy to you and yours, n

  2. I love those fabrics... and your color choices are always amazing!! Enjoy your break. I know I will!!

  3. It's nice to take a break sometimes, and you should if you don't feel like blogging. You have been so busy and taken in so much new things lately, with all your classes. Maybe you need some time to let it all sink in, and do som e "ordinary" things?

    Love to read your blog, and I hope you will get back into the blog spirit eventually :-)

    I'm slowing down on both blogging and visiting blogfriends, but that's because I spend so much time in front of the computer at work, and I don't want to spend the evenings in front of it also.

    Have a great weekend!



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