Monday, July 23, 2012

Featured Student

Hello Everyone,

Today is a very exciting day for me because your's truly is this month's featured student over at Nicole's Classes! I'm absolutely thrilled that they chose me! Thanks guys!

I've been taking classes over at Nicole's Classes since January, when I took Photography 101 and learned how to use my new camera in manual mode. I've been averaging about one to two classes every month since and it's just been a fantastic experience! I have learned SO MUCH! I can't say enough good things about my classes and my instructors:

Nicole Hill Gerulat - Photographer extraordinaire who taught my Photography 101 and Tabletop Photography Classes

Melanie Burk - Uber-talented graphic designer and teacher of my Typography class.

Mike Loveland - Who can not only do most anything with Photoshop but can explain how he did it.

Alma Loveland - Amazing graphic designer and my teacher for five classes now. She is the fastest email-answer-er in the west, with whom I have shared an uncanny similarity in seeing potential project possibilities. (Translation - we had the same idea... her version was better though)

Everyone over at Nicole's Classes is amazing. They know their schiz-nit, they have an obvious desire to see their students succeed, and they are extremely accessible, giving their thoughts, critiques, and encouragement. I highly recommend taking classes there.

They even have lots of free downloads and tutorials in all sorts of things related to photography and design. You should definitely pop over and have a look!

Thanks so much for featuring me, it's truly an honor!

So what am I doing with everything I've learned?

  • Heather B Design is now open for business, I still have to build the website but I am taking clients. Check that out here.
  • Home Again Jog for Etsy will be coming in September  (you can click over and see the nice empty storefront). That is where I'll have items that I've created for my home that I want to share, like the "Clean Your Room, a how-to guide"
  • Heather B Design's Big Cartel Shop will be opening very soon ( yes, here's another empty shop... woot.) Here I will be selling some pre-made items for blogs and websites. First-up will be pretty social media buttons and some backgrounds.

I'm really jazzed to be moving ahead! Thank you guys for your support, it means the world to me!

See you tomorrow,


  1. Congratulations, Heather! Hard work pays off, and you've worked hard. I can't believe you found time to do that around all your house renovation stuff. Very impressive. Joy to you, N

    1. Thank you so much! It's not nearly as impressive as teaching a classroom full of munchkins all day. I could never do that!

  2. Congratulations, Heather! That's so exciting. I can't wait to check out your shops. I'll definitely pop in over at Nicole's Classes as I can use some photography tips myself.

    1. Thank you so much! The shops are coming... sometime ;-) (Story of my life)

  3. Congratulations on all your ventures! I love that the classes (which I've yet to take!) were springboards to your businesses.

    1. Thank you!!! They are great classes and I really learned TONS!!!

  4. Congrats Heather! Both on beeing featured on Nicoles Classes and your new shops! So happy to see you follow through! You seem to be really filled up with energy again! I'm thinking of taking a class myself...mabye...

    PS the link to Nicoles classes doesn't lead directly to the post about you. (I thought at first you had coloured your hair...).

    Good luck with everything!!!

    Love Maria


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