Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snowglobe Fail & Room Shoes

This past summer we got another dumpster for the purpose of cleaning out our very messy basement. When the dumpster was delivered, I gave what would become the quote of the year for our family. I said:


Because as far as I'm concerned an empty dumpster to fill with junk is just like Christmas.

So my mom decided to make me a Christmas present, my very own "It's Just Like Christmas" dumpster snowglobe. She went to Martha Stewart to this article for making snowglobes from baby food jars and, with the help of a tiny plastic dumpster, a tiny bottle-brush tree, and the best of intentions, she made this:

Hmmmm..... as you can see, the glue didn't stick...

...and the glitter she used makes the water murky.

So, what did she do when this turned out like this? She thought it was hilarious and wanted me to do one of those "NAILED IT" photos, and then she wanted me to blog about it. So without further adieu, I give you "The Snowglobe Fail!"

Pretty awesome. It's going on my bookshelf :-)

The life lesson here is: View every craft failure is an opportunity for a "Nailed It" photo!

In other non-fail news, I have almost finished my niece's room shoes. You know, the ones that I haven't ever mentioned before right now?

I made these with the Peggy Girl Kimono Shoe pattern from I Think Sew. They are super cute. I have a little more stitching to do and I got some puff-paint to make the soles less slippery. Almost done Tiff! Nearly a month late but hopefully they'll be worth the wait.

I purchased this pattern in all sizes and I have plans to make at least one pair for myself and a pair for Miss Lu. They are pretty easy to make, especially for shoes. Shoes are never easy!

See you soon!

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