Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This one's for you Ms. Pfancy :-)

Cartoon by Dave Walker

Hi All,

I love this cartoon. It's speaks to my heart and my heart weeps because it's spot-on. Oh that I were the type to tackle the monolith but alas, I am here, having a look at the internet. It's like Mr. Walker is inside my head. Scary.

So where have I been for the week? Contemplating my monolithic task, that's where. Actually, it's tasks plural, two of them to be exact. The first is the race to finish Miss Lucie's room for Sunday. There are SO many projects associated with her room that it's crazy but I'm documenting all of them to share with you when I'm done. We want to do a "reveal" with her, you know, take her blindfolded into her newly finished room and reveal the glory that is her new space to her in one fell swoop. Whether that actually happens remains to be seen but it's the goal and I'm working on it.

The second monolithic task is the design/relaunch of this blog. First let me clarify, this blog is not designed at the moment. I tossed it together haphazardly and it's not how I want it to look..... at all. (NOW it's designed!) So I'm designing it and moving it to its own URL while learning Wordpress in the process.  It's a pain in the neck. My plan is to start spreading Home Again Jog out across the blogosphere once that's finished. I'm hoping that lots of people will join the party!

So that's where I've been and what I've been up to. I am hoping the the relaunch is going to happen on Monday, August 8th but that will require my getting off of the internet and tackling the Monolith.  We all know (either from personal experience of because I've mentioned it) that I'm not the greatest at doing things on time, ahem. Until then, expect the posts to be sporadic. I'll be back with a bang soon enough.

Oh, and you are going to be wicked impressed with one of the projects. It is awesome. I feel pretty awesome for having accomplished it. Interested? Good.

See you soon,

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  1. I appreciate that you posted this and DEDICATED it to me. I am honored. It was a good fix, I have stopped shaking. Thank you, dear Heather!!


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