Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm Back! And I Have a Present for You!

Three weeks later and I'm back. Hooray!!!

I am so glad to be back.

So, I've spent the last three weeks redesigning, or actually, designing my blog since it wasn't designed before. No, what you saw before was not designed... at all. Which means, coincidentally, that I've spent three weeks yelling "Why do you hate me! What did I ever do to you!" at my computer screen. Oh yes, trying to code websites is sooo much fun. I did not hurl the computer out the window, partially because I found out that I could point my Blogger blog to my own URL. I didn't have to keep using that other blogging program which was making me CRAZY. I like Blogger, it's basic and fairly user-friendly. The designing/illustrating part was fun though, it always is.

What's new? You mean aside from the design? Well, look up. No, not at the ceiling, (you went too far) look up at the URL. It's just now. You can leave the .blogspot out. (You can't leave the www off or you'll get an error message). You can still use the blogspot URL and it will just take you here.

What else... Oh, you'll notice that you can follow me on Pinterest now, I have lots of boards and I'll be adding more. If you'd like an invite to Pinterest, email me your email and I'll send one to you. There's a blurb about the name Home Again Jog, my Etsy favorites are still there, as is a list of my favorite blogs. I've added the list of categories to make posts easier to find. I've added a list of links to the free printables that I've created so you can grab them and print them with ease. I have many more freebies planned so stay tuned! I've also made it easy for you to like Home Again Jog on Facebook, nice of me, huh?

To show you how grateful I am that you're here I made you a Thank You note & envelope to print out and use. Here's a very bad picture of it, taken with a lousy camera in bad lighting and here is the PDF to print out.

Bad photo, the print-out is fine, really.
Does the pattern look familiar? It will remind you of me ;-)

Thanks very much for stopping by!
See you tomorrow,

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