Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lucie's New Thofithticated Room


Lucie's room is one of the gazillion things that we've been working on recently. Lu made the announcement that she "hates the color pink" about a year ago. I couldn't believe my ears! How can you HATE pink? (I was so distressed by this revelation that I cross-examined her and discovered that she doesn't actually HATE pink, it's just her THIRD favorite color. Phew! What a relief.) Her new favorite color is BLUE. Lu also made it clear that she wanted her room to be "thofithticated" which is how she says "sophisticated" with her slight lisp. It's very cute.

OK, we're going to create a thofithticated, blue bedroom which will last through the transition to her teen years. Easy right? Heh heh heh. Riiiiiiiight.

Before I continue, here is the design board for her room:

Important point - We didn't buy any new furniture for her room, we just refurbished what we had. The furniture above is similar to how her's looks, except for the Tullsta chair which used to be in the living room. Refurbishing what we have will be a central theme here at HAJ.

Where to get the goods:
  1. Kumari Garden Fabric at Quilt Home
  2. Purple Shag Rug from Target
  3. Gum Drop Pillow Pattern from Amy Butler Designs also at Quilt Home
  4. Paint for Desk - "Pooh's Favorite Things" from Home Depot
  5. Bed Similar to Lu's at PB Kids
  6. IKEA Tullsta Chair here
  7. Desk - find a desk and chair and paint them blue

The decoration of Lu's new room was difficult. She just turned ten so I wanted the decor to last for a few years. She's definitely out of the little girl stage so all of the wonderful, Land of Nod-type ensembles weren't going to work (so sad, I love Land of Nod). However, I soon discovered that finding pretty, tween appropriate bedding that doesn't cost the equivalent of a semester's worth of college textbooks is next to impossible.

Eventually, I gave up trying to find pre-made bedding and turned my attention to fabrics instead. That's when I found Kumari Garden from Dena Designs & FreeSpirit Fabrics. It's perfect. One of the three color palettes is blue, it's feminine and pretty and raw-ther thofithticated and the array of fabrics in the line make it a breeze to mix and match! Here is the fabric for her duvets:

And here are some of the fabrics in the line and colorway.

Awesome, huh?

I love the fact that there are so many colors in each of the fabrics. There is a full spectrum of greens, blues, some purples, gray and yellows to pull from. Which I did. I love to be able to layer colors and these fabrics made that easy. I'll be showing you more of the projects that we've been doing in her room and hopefully we'll have the finished room to show you before too long.

What about you? Have you had any decorating challenges in your kid's room? Tell us!

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