Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lucie's Nighttime Visitors

When Lucie was in Kindergarten my sister T (no, the name hasn't been changed to protect the innocent, I actually call her T) bought her a fairy door. Lu was really into fairies so T thought that giving her a door to invite the them into her room would be a great gift. It wasn't at first, Lu was like "Oh... it's a... door?" but being the polite child that she is she dutifully set it up in the hall outside her room. A few night's later the fairies visited Lu in the middle of the night. They left sparkly footprints and a note, it was AWESOME! Since that day the fairy door looks like this:

Bad picture. It's me, I stink at photography. It's on my long list of things to do,
somewhere after "finish the woodwork" but before "take up sky diving".

Lucie has had four different bedrooms in four different states since receiving the door, (hopefully this is the last room until college) and in every new room she sets up the door and rolls out the welcome mat for the fairies. Occasionally, Lucie likes to write the fairies a note and by gum the fairies write her back!

They have curly handwriting and names like Leaf, Fern, Rose, Lily, Ash, Birch, and Lilac. One day they even left autumn leaves all over her room while she was at school. The fairies are the ones who color the leaves and open the flowers don't ya know. They are a very important part of the ecosystem which is rarely mentioned in school. 

The fairies aren't perfect (the Tooth Fairy is particularly flawed but I'll get to that in a moment). They did start wiping their feet before they use the door so no more footprints, hallelujah. They occasionally forget to write back and it's interesting that they forget when Lu doesn't mention that she wrote a note... huh, weird. 

T also gave Lu a box of fairy trinkets to help them to feel more at home.

There's a fairy pin, a tiny shell, a pewter acorn, gemstone, wooden and rock hearts and some crystals. Lu also has a vial of fairy dust. These are either placed in the box or arranged around the door. It was a fantastic gift!

Here are some of the trinkets.

 The Tooth Fairy

It would seem as though there are many Tooth Fairies and that Tooth is a classification of fairy within the fairy community. After some lengthy Facebook discussions, it would also seem that some Tooth Fairies are very good at their jobs and others are very bad. Our Fairy with the classification of Tooth is a lush. She often imbibes in Mulberry Wine and leaves Lu's tooth money in very strange places, like mom's pocket for instance. I had to gently explain this to Lucie one morning when the Tooth Fairy left her tooth money in my pocket (Oh yes. I really did). FORTUNATELY, Lucie, being the gracious child that she is, gave the tipsy Tooth Fairy a pass for her eccentric behavior.  Phew! You're a lucky fairy Ms. Tooth! You should do better next time.

So, is your fairy with the classification Tooth good at her job or not?  Tell me about it!

Until Tomorrow,


  1. Our tooth fairy leaves sparkly money (which is harder to spend and gets raised eyebrows from store clerks). When Olivia had teeth extracted, she left them in the mouse containers from the dentist and got the following note from the tooth fairy: Those mice were too hard to open, try again tonight in a different container. I'll be back! Love, TF.
    Olivia left the extracted teeth in a cardboard jewelry box and the TF was able to get in to it, thank goodness. Once, the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny came on the same night. It was funny because there was glitter (from the fairy) mixed in with the muddy footprints from the EB. I guess they're friends.

  2. WOW!!! Your TF is fantastic!!!! Maybe my TF will take a lesson or two. You have to take the TF poll so we can see that there are some good ones out there :-)

  3. Though i would love to offer information or a review of my tooth fairy that's germane to the discussion, I'm afraid that she retired in 1985. She kept in touch for the first couple years, but I know that she is occupied with 3:30 dinners, golf and the Price is Right. I miss her, she could send a card now and then! ~ekb

  4. What a hoot! I'll bet she did a very good job before she retired though!


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